How to get to Cannes from Nice airport


The easiest way to get to Cannes is from Nice airport. It is in it that tourists fly from all over the world to get to Cannes, as it is only 30 minutes away by car.


How to get to Cannes from Nice airport by train


How to get from Nice to Cannes by train.


Every half an hour from early morning to late evening (approximately from 05:40 to 21:50) trains depart from Nice St Saint-Augustin station, which is located a stone's throw from the airport. You can either walk to the station itself or take the L2 tram line to the Parc Phoenix stop. If you have time and desire, then before the train you can just visit it. This is a small mini-zoo with exotic plants and animals, the entrance costs only about 5 euro. The train ride itself lasts about 30 minutes, the ticket costs 7 euro.


How to get to Cannes by bus


How to get from Nice to Cannes by bus.


One of the most economical ways to get to Cannes. Buses number 81 and 620 go there. Bus 81 leaves on average every half an hour from 8:00 to 21:00 from a stop near terminal 1, the trip lasts about 50 minutes. Bus 620 stops in front of the airport on the Promenade des Anglais approximately every 20 minutes from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm, makes all stops, so the trip takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes. The ticket can be bought in advance on the website, at the box office or directly from the driver. The ticket price for bus 81 is about 10 euro (this is an express line bus, the cost must be clarified directly on the website or with the driver), for bus 620 - 2.10 euro (this is a local bus, the price is the same for any trips). The carrier is Zou!, and you can find out all the details on its website -


How to get to Cannes by transfer with a private driver


How to get from Nice to Cannes by transfer with a private driver.


A private transfer has a lot of advantages. First: price. It is predetermined and does not change. Second: You save time that would have been spent on ordering a taxi or arranging a rental. The driver arrives in advance and will be waiting for you at the exit from the arrivals area with a sign. The time of day doesn't matter. Third: You agree in advance on all the nuances of the transfer, such as the number of passengers, the size of luggage, the availability of child seats, and you know for sure that everyone will be comfortable. Fourth: economy. A private transfer is often cheaper than a taxi.

You could book a transfer from Nice airport to Cannes, price from 80 euro.



Map of road from Nice Airport to Cannes:



How to get to Cannes by helicopter


How to get from Nice to Cannes by helicopter.


Helicopter is the most unusual and exciting way to get to Cannes from Nice. Without traffic jams and in just 15 minutes, you will arrive at your destination, directly at the port of Cannes, admiring magnificent views of the Côte d'Azur along the way. The carrier offers you a choice of a single-engine or twin-engine helicopter with a luxurious cabin, air conditioning and noise reduction systems, and also guarantees constant support for the service. Turn your transfer to Cannes into a unique, personalized adventure. The price for one seat is 210 euro if you fly with other passengers on a pre-scheduled scheduled flight. If you want an individual flight at a convenient time for you, then the pleasure will cost 1050 euro. You can find more detailed conditions, schedule and cost on the carrier's website


How to get to Cannes by rented car


How to get from Nice to Cannes by rented car.


You can rent a car right at the airport building. Several companies offer their services, including Sixt, Rentacar, Avis, Budget, Lutam, Goldcar, Key`n Go. Payment by the day, the cost starts from 100 euro and depends primarily on the class of the car. You can get acquainted with the choice of cars, additional services, and even immediately book and pay for a car on the website. So, you have settled all the formalities and are ready to go. The road ahead is 27 km long and lasts about 30 minutes, but if you caught the high season (summer, especially August) or travel on weekends, then you can safely assume that the trip will stretch up to 1 hour or more. The main part of the way will pass along the paid autobahn A8. After 22 km on the A8 towards Nice, at the junction you need to take exit 42 onto the D6285 road, which after 4 km you will arrive at the port of Cannes. This last stretch is often jammed with traffic during peak hours and high season.



How to get to Cannes by taxi


How to get from Nice to Cannes by taxi.


If you are brave, open and travel light, then this way is definitely for you. In addition, it is very economical. We are talking about the BlaBlaCar service, where you can share a trip with those who are going to the same place as you. The service has its own buses, which depart from a stop near terminal 2 several times a day and cost 15-20 euro. Final stop in Cannes at Place Benidorm. You can also find drivers who travel from Nice to Cannes and take fellow travelers for a symbolic 5-6 euro. Please note that the start and end points of the trip may differ from the desired ones, so carefully look at the route. All information can be found on the blablacar website.


Ridesharing Nice - Cannes


Ridesharing Nice - Cannes


Taxis can be ordered online or by phone. For example, on this site, where there is information about 26 taxi operators operating in Nice. Depending on the car class, day of the week and time of day, the price may fluctuate and starts from about 270 euro, and the duration of the trip will be about 1.5 - 2 hours. If you are traveling with small children, do not forget to ask if the taxi driver has a child seat (safety first).