How to get from Geneva airport to Courchevel



Courchevel - is one of the most famous and visited ski resorts in the world. It is located at different altitudes at four ski stations Courchevel 1300, 1550, 1600 and 1850.



Most of the tourists come mainly to the airport of Geneva (as it arrives the most international flights, it is easier for travelers to pick up a convenient plane) and continue from it on various modes of transport by large buses, Swiss taxis, rent a car, get on trains, fly by helicopter or book a transfer. In this article we consider how to get to Courchevel from Geneva in various ways.





From Geneva to Courchevel by train:


How to get from Geneva to Courchevel by train


1st segment from Geneva Airport in Moutier (train):


You can choose one of several trains. It depends on the time and day of the week trip. For example, you can:

  • The first train you take is from the airport to downtown Geneva. This train number is #1715. In 8 minutes you will arrive (departure at 09:18; arrival at 09:26).
  • Then you wait for the next train about 20 minutes.
  • Take the train TER #96634 and proceed to Chambery. Departure at 09:45, time on the road about 1.5 hours.
  • Then you wait for the next train about 35 minutes.
  • Next your train TER #883115, departs at 11:53 and goes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to Moutiers.


Moutiers is the final stop of the first part of your route, the next train will not take you, you need to get on another transport.

So you travel from Geneva Airport to Moutier on 3 trains within 4 hours.

For a train ride you will pay 39,10€ (second class car); or 60,90€ (first class car). In the daytime the price is higher: 43,10€ and 64,90€



2nd segment from Moutier to Courchevel (car or bus):


To get from Moutier to Courchevel, you will need to take a bus. Transfer or taxi, as the trains do not go further.



Bus from Moutier to Courchevel:

On the Altibus website you can book a bus ticket from Moutier to Courchevel. The bus runs 6 times a day. Departure times are 08:20; 13:35; 15:55; 17:45 and 18:25. The distance from 16 to 25 km depends on which Courchevel station you are going to. This trip can be spent from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the traffic and your final destination. The price of the trip is 18 euro per person.



Transfer from Moutier to Courchevel:

Individual transfer costs from 170 euro per car and from 200 euro per van. If you eat at night or on Saturday the price may be higher. On the road about 1 - 1.5 hours.



Taxi from Moutier to Val Thorens:

Taxi costs 200 - 280 euro. The price depends on the number of people, suitcases, time and date of travel.



The total cost of the trip is:

Train and bus = 39 + 18 = 57 euro

Train and transfer = 39 + 180 = 220 euro

Train and taxi = 39 + 220 = 260 euro


How to get from Geneva to Courchevel by bus


How to get from Geneva to Courchevel by bus


Sometimes tourists use buses (mainly Altibus company) to travel from Geneva to Courchevel (it takes 4-4,5 hours).

The journey takes two buses: the first to Moutiers (approximately 2.5 hours, the second from Moutiers to Courchevel (approximately 1-1.5 hours).



Bus departs from Geneva airport:

Working days: 13 h 00 min; 15 h 45 min;

Saturday: 11 h 00 min; 14 h 30 min; 15 h 30 min; 16 h 30 min; 19 h 30 min; 

Sunday: 14 h 40 minutes;



Bus departs from Courchevel:

Working days: 07 h 00 min; 09 h 15 min;

Saturday: 05 h 50 min; 07 h 45 min; 11 h 25 min; 15 h 20 min;

Sunday: 07 h 50 min;



Bus Price Geneva Airport - Courchevel:

Working days = 100 euro (one way) and 177 euro (both ways)

Saturday = 77 euro (one way) and 133 euro (both ways)

Sunday = 100 euro (one way) and 177 euro (both ways)



Transfer from Geneva to Courchevel:


Transfer from Geneva Airport to Courchevel


The individual transfer from Geneva airport to Courchevel allows you to reach the resort with maximum comfort and at optimal cost.

You do not spend time searching for a taxi or waiting for a bus and train - the driver meets you in the airport building (helps with luggage) and takes you directly to your hotel or chalet in Courchevel.

The price is certainly higher than the bus, but you spend 2.5 hours on the trip instead of 4 hours. 

You will meet the car you have chosen in advance for yourself and which is convenient for your group of travelers and is suitable for transporting all your luggage.


Transfer price Geneva to Courchevel:

You can book a car of any class and capacity



4 pax

8 pax

20 pax


















From Geneva airport to Courchevel by taxi:


From Geneva airport to Courchevel by taxi


After landing at Geneva Airport you can take a Swiss taxi. It is easy to find and you will quickly get to Courchevel (2.5 - 3 hours). 

On this the advantages of this mode of transport, unfortunately, end.


The high price is the main disadvantage of a Swiss taxi. You will pay for a taxi from Geneva to Courchevel,  about twice as much as for a transfer.

For example, a ride in a car Economy Class costs: on a transfer 300-350 euros, by taxi 600-650 francs. And about the same situation with vans for 5-7 passengers: transfer = 400-450 euros; taxi = 800-900 francs.


Taxi prices in Geneva:

3.2 francs per 1 km from Monday to Friday

3.8 francs per 1 km from Saturday to Sunday and on holidays

1.5 or 3.0 francs for each suitcase or ski

In addition, you will have to pay a downtime in traffic.


You cannot know in advance the final cost of a taxi ride because it depends on many variables: waiting in traffic, the number of suitcases, the day of the week and the time of departure.



From Geneva airport to Courchevel by helicopter:


From Geneva airport to Courchevel by helicopter


The helicopter is the fastest way to get from Geneva to Courchevel. The flight lasts about 40 minutes, certainly it is very convenient.

The disadvantages can be attributed to the high cost from 2,750 euro in one direction (for example, Blade company). Also you will have to pay extra for the delivery of luggage (400-450 euros), if you have a lot of suitcases and skis (they may not fit in the helicopter).

The second minus - your flight can be canceled unexpectedly if the weather goes bad and becomes absurd. Alas, this happens in the mountains.


Get from Geneva to Courchevel in a rental car:


Get from Geneva to Courchevel in a rental car


It is quite inexpensive and convenient to get from Geneva to Courchevel in a rented car. You can book a car in Europcar or Sixt.

Take the car directly to the airport of Geneva, drive it during your vacation (7-14 days) and then turn it back at the airport before departure.

Driving by car can take 2.5 to 3 hours - it depends on your driving style and traffic on the road. We recommend not to go on Saturday, as there will be a lot of cars, it is better to go on working days or at least on Sunday. The road runs either on motorways A 41 / A 43 or along Lake Annecy.

Part of the way lies in the mountains on a serpentine, so if you do not have a good experience of driving cars in winter, it is better to go by taxi or transfer. Otherwise, you risk an accident or a road trip.


Rental cost in Geneva:

You can rent a car at Geneva airport for about 75 euros per day. Plus gasoline, parking and toll roads for about 250 euros at all times. So if you drive for a week, you will spend about 7*75+250 = 725 euros per car.

If you go for 2 weeks, the cost will increase to 1300-1400 euros for a small car.

In the event that you are vacationing in a large group, the rental of vana (conventional type Renault Trafic) will be about 190 euros per day. Total for the week you will give 180*7+300 = 2610 euros for 7 days.

So, if you do not want to move on the most ski resort in your car, you are much more profitable to order a transfer.