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Transfer from Geneva airport to Courchevel

Transfer from Geneva Airport to Courchevel by Volkswagen Jetta
. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 290 € book


Volkswagen Jetta
Mazda 3
4 pax
Transfer from Geneva Airport to Courchevel by Fiat Scudo
. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 320 € book

Economy van

Fiat Scudo

(Mon. - Fri.)
7 pax

Transfer from Geneva Airport to Courchevel by Volkswagen Passat
. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 340 € book


Volkswagen Passat
Skoda Superb
4 pax
Transfer from Geneva Airport to Courchevel by Volkswagen Multivan
. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 400 € book

Comfort van

Volkswagen Multivan
Renault Trafic
8 pax

Transfer from Geneva Airport to Courchevel by Mazda CX-5. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 350 € book


Mazda CX-5
4 pax
Transfer from Geneva Airport to Courchevel by BMW X5
. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 440 € book

4x4 Business

Audi Q7
4 pax

Transfer from Geneva Airport to Courchevel by Mercedes E-class
. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 450 € book


Mercedes E-class
4 pax
Transfer from Geneva Airport to Courchevel by Mercedes Vito. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 420 € book

Business van

Mercedes Vito
8 pax

Transfer from Geneva Airport to Courchevel by Mercedes S-class
. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 680 € book


Mercedes S-class

4 pax
Transfer from Geneva Airport to Courchevel by Mercedes V-class
. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 430 € book

Premium van

Mercedes V-class

(Mon. - Fri.)
7 pax


The road from Geneva airport to Courchevel



Geneva Airport is one of the largest international airports in Switzerland and is excellent for getting to the Alpine ski resorts. The road from Geneva airport to Courchevel runs along two main routes:


1) Along Lake Annecy:

You leave Geneva airport and head south on the A1 motorway towards France. After about 11 km you will cross the Swiss-French border. Then drive for about 32 km and turn towards the Annecy city. After that, your route runs along the beautiful Lake Annecy, either along the left bank (road D1508) or along its right bank, which is worth choosing in case of rush hour (D909A).

Next you pass Albertville and exit onto the N90, which will take you to Moutiers after 26 km.

From Moûtiers to Courchevel you will drive along the D915 and D91A for about 16 km, because of this last section of the road is serpentine, it can take from 0.5 to 1.5 hours, depending on the weather (heavy snow) and on the number of cars on the road.

The total length of this route from Geneva airport to Courchevel is 145 km (depending on which ski station you are going to), the average travel time is 2,5 - 3 hours. On some holidays it can reach up to 6 hours, but this is extremely rare.


The road from Geneva airport to Courchevel along Lake Annecy


2) On the Autobahn via Chambery:

The second route to Courchevel is only partially different from the first. You cross the Swiss-French border at the same point and continue along the A41 motorway, but do not turn off towards Annecy, but continue driving further and after 82 km from Geneva airport you turn towards Chambery onto the N201, which turns into the A43 and N90. You reach Albertville and then your route continues identically to the first one, through Moutiers.

The length of this route “Geneva airport - Courchevel” is about 185 km. Usually the travel time is from 2,5 to 3 hours (on holidays or bad weather, you can go much longer).


You need to remember, when comparing these two routes:

  • The road through Lake Annecy is much more beautiful, so if you want to see the wonderful nature, it is better to choose this route.
  • The road through Chambery is on the autobahn, but sometimes due to traffic jams it can take longer than through Annecy (on normal roads).
  • To arrive at the airport on time, you need to choose which route to take in each case, depending on where there are less traffic jams. Any of these roads can "stand". Therefore, during each transfer, the driver checks for traffic jams and chooses a itinerary.

1. How does the transfer to Courchevel work?


You order a transfer Geneva Airport to Courchevel on our website You order a transfer on our website
We send you a confirmation and contact details We send you a confirmation and contact details
Our driver meets you at the airport arrival with a sign displaying your name Our driver meets you at the airport arrival with a sign displaying your name
The driver takes you to your hotel or apartment in Courchevel The driver takes you to your hotel or apartment in Courchevel
You make the balance payment to the driver

You make the balance payment to the driver


2. Transfer from Geneva airport to Courchevel


We have been providing transfers to our customers for more than 10 years, including individual transfers from Geneva airport to Courchevel. So if you want to spend your winter plume in this ski resort, you can book a car with a driver. Tell us the date and time of your trips by WhatsApp, e-mail or via the order form on the site.


Book a transfer from Geneva Airport to Courchevel.



1) Advantages of individual transfer:


Transfer with a private driver from Geneva to Courchevel is one of the more convenient ways to get to your holiday destination. Сonsider a few important points, when you choosing which transport you will use.


Transfer or taxi:

The cost of a taxi is 2 times higher than the cost of a transfer. For a taxi ride you will pay from 190km*3.2 = 608 CHF (conventional car). And for the transfer 290 euro. At the same time, you do not know the final price for a taxi, it increases depending on the start time of the trip, the number of suitcases and passengers, as well as you pay extra for ski equipment.


Bus and train or transfer:

Traveling by bus and train to Courchevel from Geneva is much cheaper than by transfer. But there are no direct routes, you will have to make a change in Moutiers and the trip will take about 4-5 hours. The train goes only to Moutiers. Further by train or taxi. You will also have to carry and shift your luggage and ski equipment a lot.


Helicopter or transfer:

It is very convenient and fast to fly to Courchevel from Geneva by helicopter, in 35-40 minutes. But this method has its drawbacks. The high price is 2365 euro (and you will also need to pay for the transfer of your luggage by car, since large suitcases and skis will not fit in the helicopter, and this is at least +300 euro). The second disadvantage is that your flight can be canceled or delayed for several hours due to bad weather, and this often happens in the mountains. Remember that you must arrive 30 minutes before departure and upon arrival at the airfield in Courchevel you need to get to your hotel by car, so in the end you spend about 1.5 - 2 hours on the trip (which is not much less than on a transfer)


Helicopter from Geneva Airport to Courchevel.




2) Meeting at the Geneva airport:


When you arrive at Geneva Airport you can easily find our driver. After you receive your luggage, he will be waiting for you with a sign (with your name or surname) at the exit from the arrival zone.


Driver meets you at the Geneva airpor with a sign


Sometimes at the airport is a lot of passengers and many meet, because of this hard to find your name in a huge number of tablets. So we send you in advance the driver’s details: name and number whatsapp / phone. The Geneva airport has free Wi-Fi, but passengers are not always able to connect to it. So, just in case, it is better to connect roaming on your mobile internet if you want to contact the driver at the airport via WhatsApp.

The driver tracks your flight delay information in the app. If the plane arrives later, the driver will wait for you. But if the arrival of the plane is delayed for many hours, we can pick up another driver for you.

The transfer price includes waiting time for 1 hour after the plane lands. For more time you need to pay extra (from 50 to 80 euro per hour, depending on the class of car). So if you plan to stay at the airport for more than 1 hour after arrival, please inform us when you are booking a transfer, so that the driver can arrive later and you do not have to overpay.




3) How long does the transfer take from Geneva airport to Courchevel?


The transfer to Courchevel from Geneva Airport takes approximately 2,5 hours on weekdays. But this time can vary greatly depending on traffic jams.


Travel time from Geneva airport to Courchevel


The number of cars on the roads increases on Saturdays, since most of the passengers arrive and depart on Saturdays - the journey takes 3 hours.

If you are returning from Courchevel to Geneva airport in the morning on weekdays, remember that at the same time a lot of French people are traveling with you to work in Switzerland, so there are big traffic jams on the French-Swiss border - travel time is 3 hours.

You can also spend a lot of time on the road during the beginning and end of the French school holidays. Finally, people can not take children to school and the French rush to relax with their family in the mountains, enjoy the snowy alpine slopes. In the coming season the dates of Christmas holidays 23.12.2023 - 08.01.2024 and winter holidays 17.02.2024 - 04.03.2024. This means that in the first and last Saturdays at the beginning and end of these periods the travel time can be 4 - 5 hours.


We recommend that you plan the time and dates of transfers carefully so as not to spoil your holiday experience.



4) Luggage information for transfer:


When clients book a transfer to Courchevel, we ask them in great detail about their luggage. This is important to know, because if you do not take everything into account, you can simply not fit in the car and you will have to order a second car (if it is available at the moment) and pay extra money for it.



Suitcases size:

Suitcases size


Suitcases can be of different sizes. It is better to measure them and tell us the data to know exactly their size.

Size "S": height 48-53 cm; width 32-35 cm; thickness 20-23 cm

Size "M": height 58-63 cm; width 39-42 cm; thickness 23-26 cm

Size "L": height 65-70 cm; width 47-50 cm; thickness 26-29 cm

Size "XL": height 74-80 cm; width 51-54 cm; thickness 30-32 cm




Ski and snowboard covers:

Ski and snowboard covers


From the point of view of luggage, covers can be divided into two main types of "soft" small and "hard" with wheels.

Soft covers do not take up much space, mostly they are a little larger than the length of skis or snowboards that carry (1.3 - 1.7 m). These covers are easy to place in the luggage compartment of the car and van.

Hard covers, especially with wheels, take up a lot of space both in length (up to 2,1 m) and width (up to 40 cm). They are almost not deformed, so it is very difficult to put them even in a van and they take up a lot of space.




Other luggage:

Other luggage


In addition to covers and suitcases, tourists take backpacks, bags, bags for ski boots, packages, baby strollers, etc. Unfortunately, passengers do not report this often, and give information only about suitcases and cases for skiing and snowboarding. This makes transportation very difficult, as a small carry-on baggage collects a lot, so these bags then go on the knees of passengers.

Please remember to tell us all your luggage so that we can provide you with the right size car.






5) Choosing a car for transfer:


In order to get to the ski resort from Geneva airport comfortably, you need to choose the right car. Usually the choice is made from two main parameters of the car: capacity and class.


Choosing a car for transfer from Geneva to Courchevel


Car capacity:

Small car: sedan or crossover, such as Audi A4, Volkswagen Passat, BMW X3, Mercedes E and S class. They accommodate small groups of tourists with little baggage. 2-3 passengers, 2-3 suitcases size M or L, a little hand luggage and skis in soft cases.

Vans or minibuses such as Renault Trafic, Volkswagen Multiwan, Mercedes V class or similar. They can accommodate groups of 4-8 passengers, suitcases 6-9 pieces, depending on the size M, L or XL, hand luggage and skis in both soft and hard large cases.

Buses like the Mercedes Sprinter. It could carry 12-20 passengers, 14-18 suitcases of different sizes; skis / snowboards up to 12-16 pieces (depending on the types of covers). If you have a lot of suitcases and skis or they are large, you can also order a trailer.


It is important to understand that each specific baggage and group of tourists is considered separately and the car is selected individually for each transfer.



Car Class:

Tourists choose a car according to their preferences in comfort and car class.


Economy class has the lowest cost, there is not very much space and quite ascetic salon. Cars such as Volkswagen Jetta or Ford Focus. Vans such as Fiat Scudo or Citroen Jumpy models.

Comfort class is more expensive, but it is more comfortable to ride in due to the fact that the interior is larger and it is made of more pleasant materials. Passenger cars like Volkswagen Passat or Toyota Camry and vans like Renault Trafic and Volkswagen Multivan.

Business class is even more expensive, but the trips in it are more comfortable than in the previous classes, there is a lot of space inside the car and the interior is made of expensive modern materials. Cars such as Mercedes E class and Mercedes Vito.

Premium class is represented by the Mercedes S class sedan and the Mercedes V class van. A car with the most comfortable seats and features that make the trip enjoyable for the most demanding passengers.



Our clients like to travel to Saint Tropez in summer. Transfer from Nice airport to St Tropez costs from 180 euro



3. How to book a transfer to Courchevel


Write to info@bycar.su Write to info@bycar.su
Fill out the order form on the transfer page Fill out the order form on the transfer page
Send a message to WhatsApp or Viber Send a message to WhatsApp or Viber

4. Payment for the transfer to Courchevel


You can pay for your transfer in several ways. Do not forget that several services are included in the cost of the trip.


How to pay for the transfer to CourchevelHow to pay for the transfer:


  • You can pay the whole amount in advance on our website
  • You can may a prepayment on the website and the balance payment to the driver
  • You can pay by PayPal, a bank card or cash



The transfer price includesThe transfer price includes:


  • Waiting for up to 1 hour at the airport or up to 30 minutes at the hotel
  • Road toll
  • Wi-Fi in the car
  • Drinking water in the car

5. Taxi service from Geneva Airport to Courchevel


Tourists can take a taxi from Geneva airport to Courchevel. Before leaving the airport building, you can easily find many taxi cars. Ordering a car is very simple - go to the first car and tell where you need to go.

Taxi drivers most often speak only French and know only a few words in English. It is better to prepare detailed information about your hotel in advance: the exact address and its name.


Taxi service from Geneva Airport to Courchevel.


Almost all taxis are small cars (sedans or crossovers), which can drive 2-4 passengers with several suitcases and without skis. So if your group consists of more than 4 people or you have a lot of luggage and ski equipment. It will be difficult to find a van on the spot at the airport, especially on holidays or weekends.

The final cost of a taxi ride to Courchevel from the airport of Nice can not be known in advance. The price is formed from many different parameters.



Taxi price (passenger car):


Working hours = 3.20 CHF/km


Monday to Friday (06:30 to 20:30)

On Saturday (from 06:30 to 18:00)

*For a group of not more than 3 passengers.



After working hours and at night = 3,80 CHF/km


Monday to Friday (20:30 to 06:30)

On Saturday (from 18:00 to 06:30)

On Sundays and holidays.

*Also for a group of 4 passengers


Taxi price and conditions



Taxi price (vans or minibuses):


Price depending on the number of passengers.

1 - 2 passengers = 4.20 CHF/km

3 passengers = 4.40 CHF/km

4 passengers = 5.20 CHF/km

5 or more passengers = 6.50 CHF/km


Taxi price for vans and minibus from Geneva to Courchevel




Taxi cost calculation:


Let's calculate the cost of a taxi to Courchevel from Geneva Airport, for several typical variants of groups of tourists.


First option:

2 passengers, 2 L-size suitcases and 2 skis in a bag;

arrival time is 13:00 on a working day (for example, on Tuesday).

Travel by passenger car.

The length of the route is 185 km.


Price = 185 km * 3.2 CHF + 2 * 1.5 CHF + 2 * 1.5 CHF + 6.3 CHF = 607.3 CHF



Second option:

3 passengers, 2 XL suitcases and 3 skis in a bag;

Arrival time is 14:00 on Saturday.

Travel by passenger car.

The length of the route is 185 km.


Price = 185 km * 3.8 CHF + 2 * 3 CHF + 3 * 1.5 CHF + 6.3 CHF = 719.8 CHF



Third option:

6 passengers, 5 XL suitcases, 4 L suitcases and 6 skis in a bag;

arrival time is 11:00 am on Saturday.

Ride by van.

The length of the route is 185 km.


Price = 185 km * 5.2 CHF + 3 * 5 CHF + 4 * 1.5 CHF + 6 * 1.5 CHF + 6.3 CHF = 998.3 CHF


Thus the price of a taxi is about 2 times higher than the price of a transfer.




6. Advantages of our transfer service


Experienced English-speaking drivers Experienced English-speaking drivers
Meeting you with a sign displaying your name Meeting you with a sign displaying your name
Fixed price Fixed price
No extra charge if your flight is delayed No extra charge if your flight is delayed
Road toll included Road toll included
Free child seats Free child seats
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
9 years of experience 9 years of experience
We work in 8 countries in Europe We work in 8 countries in Europe

7. The nearest airports to Courchevel


Courchevel has its own airport. But it is private and is included in the list of the five most dangerous airports in the world. Pilots require special permission to land here. In addition, two seasonal airports operate near the resort - Chambéry and Grenoble. But most often tourists come to Courchevel from the airports of Lyon or Geneva.


The nearest airports to Courchevel


Getting to Courchevel:

From Chambery airport - 109 km and travel time about 1.5 hours

From Geneva airport - 180 km, travel time from 2.5 hours if you travel by car

From Lyon airport - distance 186 km, the journey will take about 3 hours

From Grenoble airport - 182 km, travel time approximately 3 hours


8. About Courchevel


Courchevel is one of the most popular resorts in the Alps. It belongs to the Three Valleys ski area, consists of seven resorts and offers one hundred and two home pistes and 600 kilometers of pistes throughout the region.


Information about Courchevel.


Various festivals and other events are regularly held in Courchevel. It is not for nothing that it is considered the most fun resort of the Three Valleys; apres-ski life is developed here at the highest level. When it comes to skiing, Courchevel has a huge selection of trails for all skill levels and non-equipped freeride slopes. The resort is especially famous for its wide blue and green slopes. A one-day ski pass for an adult will be about 80 euro, but prices can change every year. Children under 5 and seniors over 75 ride at the resort for free. The most serious discounts for skiing can be obtained at the beginning and at the end of the season, and, in addition, it is very profitable to come to the resort with your family. A family ski pass for two adults and two children is cheaper.


The largest ski area in the world is also located in the French Alps, in the Savoie department, not far from the Moutiers railway station, partly in the Vanoise National Park. Three Valleys is 600 kilometers of interconnected ski slopes, about 200 ski lifts and 120 kilometers of cross-country skiing trails. The Les Trois-Vallee ski area connects the valleys of Les Alues (the resorts of Meribel, Brides-les-Bains), Saint-Bon (the towns of Courchevel, La Tania) and Belleville (the ski resorts of Val Thorens, Les Menuires, Saint-Martin-de -Belleville).

The ski area is extended into the "fourth" Maurienne valley, adjacent to Val Thorens and connected by a lift to Aurel. The geographical position of the Three Valleys more than 60 years ago was not chosen by chance. The location was ideal for the creation of an interconnected ski area and the development of winter sports: several glaciers (Péclet, Du Borgne, Boucher), three parallel valleys, mountain passes connecting them, 85% of the area is at an altitude of more than 1800 meters, providing guaranteed snow from the start December until the end of April.


Information about ski resort Courchevel.


Since 1973, you can ski here using a single ski pass (pass for the lifts). A ski pass for 6 days will cost about € 300, but there are a number of discounts, which can be found on the official website of the Three Valleys. All resorts are interconnected, but each place is different and you can choose the town to your liking, according to your preferences. There are typical charming alpine villages where it is pleasant to relax and take walks both in winter on crisp snow, breathing fresh frosty air, and in summer, enjoying the fragrance of alpine forbs.

More popular towns with many good shops and cool après-ski: Val Thorens - the highest mountain resort, surrounded by six glaciers; rich and famous Meribel with traditional Savoyard chalets made of wood and stone, considered the most beautiful ski resort of the 3 Valleys; and the "playground" of the super-rich - party Courchevel. Le Menuire is less attractive, but more democratic. From Orel you can quickly and easily reach all the ski resorts of the Three Valleys.

Scattered among the main resorts are lesser-known alpine villages: Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, La Tania, Brides-les-Bains. The thermal springs of the latter are the perfect place to relieve sore muscles after a quick descent from steep slopes.



Courchevel ski stations:

Courchevel is the largest and perhaps most famous ski resort in France, located in the Rhône-Alpes region. Courchevel consists of four main stations: Courchevel 1300, Courchevel 1550, Courchevel 1650 and Courchevel 1850. Each of them has its own unique characteristics and offers a variety of opportunities for holidays and ski adventures.


Courchevel 1300 (Le Praz):

Courchevel 1300, also known as Le Praz, is a small village in the lowest resort area of Courchevel. This station has the charm of Alpine authenticity and is a great choice for those looking for traditional Alpine charm. Here you will find stone chalets and wooden buildings that give the village a cozy atmosphere. Le Praz is also famous for its restaurants and bars offering delicious Alpine cuisine. One of the main attractions of Le Praz is the ski jumping hill, where jumping competitions are held.


Courchevel 1550 (Courchevel Village):

Courchevel 1550, also known as Courchevel Village, is an ideal location for families and those looking for more affordable accommodation compared to higher stations. This cozy village has many shops, restaurants and cafes. The ski slopes in the area are suitable for beginner to intermediate skiers, making it attractive to families and groups of varying ski skill levels.


Courchevel 1650 (Courchevel Moriond):

Courchevel 1650, also known as Courchevel Moriond, is a smaller, more intimate alternative to Courchevel's higher stations. This station also has a great atmosphere and a variety of restaurants and shops. Courchevel 1650 has amazing access to the vast Trois Vallées ski area and is suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers. Here you can also enjoy scenic views of the valley and surrounding mountains.


Courchevel 1850:

Courchevel 1850 is the highest and most prestigious station in Courchevel. This is the place where world celebrities and wealthy tourists meet. The station is known for its luxury hotels, restaurants, shops and nightclubs. Here you can enjoy the highest level of service and luxury. The resort offers excellent access to the ski slopes and a huge variety of winter sports opportunities. Courchevel 1850 is a place where you can spend a luxurious time enjoying the ski slopes and the alpine atmosphere.


Each of Courchevel's stations has its own character and unique features, which makes Courchevel attractive to different categories of tourists, regardless of their preferences and budget.




History of Courchevel:

History of Courchevel


Now a fashionable Alpine resort was planned to be built during the Second World War. The architect of the project was the famous urban planner Laurent Chapy. The development of Courchevel began immediately after the war. This is the first resort in France, built from scratch, and not on the basis of an existing village. In the 2011-2012 season, the French made a rebranding, changing the names of each of the four villages and moving away from the association with height. Courchevel 1850 is now known simply as Courchevel, Courchevel 1650 has been renamed Morion, Courchevel 1550 is now called the Village, and Courchevel 1330 has become known as Le Prat.



Restaurants and shops:

Restaurants and shops in Courchevel


Courchevel is famous for its cuisine. Seven restaurants in this ski resort share 11 Michelin stars, four of them received two stars each (Le Chabichou). You can also relax and dine on the slopes. Absolutely all bars and restaurants have menus in English. The streets of this village beckon with showcases of luxury shops. Boutiques are represented in Courchevel: Dior and Chanel, Prada and Valentino, Louis Vuitton and Fendi, Hermes and Cartier.



Transport to Courchevel:

Transport to Courchevel


The nearest international airports are in Geneva and Lyon. To get from them by car or by bus 2 - 2.5 hours. You can, of course, transfer to a private jet and in a few minutes be in Courchevel. But, firstly, it is insanely expensive, and secondly, in the ranking of the most dangerous airports in the world, the local airport ranks seventh. So it is better not to take risks, but to use road transport. As an option - a train ride to Moutiers station, from which the resort is half an hour away. The multi-level Courchevel is connected to each other by shuttle buses. They run from 8 am to midnight, travel is free (if you have a ski pass). From La Praz to Courchevel 8 km, that is, 12 minutes drive. Intermediate stations are located at a distance of 2.5 - 3.3 km from each other (five minutes by bus).



Ski slopes:

Ski slopes in Courchevel


Courchevel is the best lifts in Europe (tow ropes, chairlifts, cabin lifts), a funicular, 372 kilometers of slopes, 311 slopes of various difficulty levels. Black slopes are considered the most difficult in the world. Interesting black slopes 1.5 kilometers long, starting at an altitude of 2274 meters at the Col de la Loz station and descending to a level of 1300 meters. Freestyle skiing, ski jumping, off-road descent (freeride) - extreme sportsmen in Courchevel are provided with a dose of adrenaline.



Courchevel for Children:

Courchevel for Children


Courchevel is the best lifts in Europe (tow ropes, chairlifts, cabin lifts), a funicular, 372 kilometers of slopes, 311 slopes of various difficulty levels. Black slopes are considered the most difficult in the world. Interesting black slopes 1.5 kilometers long, starting at an altitude of 2274 meters at the Col de la Loz station and descending to a level of 1300 meters. Freestyle skiing, ski jumping, off-road descent (freeride) - extreme sportsmen in Courchevel are provided with a dose of adrenaline.



Summer in Courchevel:

Summer in Courchevel


Courchevel is beautiful in summer. It's not hot here. The sun is hot during the day, and the evenings are quite cool. The mountains around are painted with different colors. Snow-white peaks, picturesque verdant valleys, transparent mountain lakes. Long walks, mountain biking, rock climbing, fishing, golf, picnics, barbecues. The cultural program is also interesting: concerts, classical music festival, cabaret evenings, various holidays. In addition, summer is the season of discounts. Shopping in branded boutiques and dining in the most expensive restaurants can be afforded without being an oligarch.


9. Reviews of our clients




We have been ordering Bycar's transfers for more than 6 years. We went with them to Saint Tropez, Barcelona, Florence, Zermatt and Courchevel. On small cars on vans. Always high level service!! We are planning to take a transfer to Three Valleys next year, but we don’t yet know where exactly we will ski.





We love spending holidays in Courchevel with my sons. We usually fly to Geneva and take a transfer from there. We prefer Mercedes V class: plenty of space and comfortable seats. Thank you for your drivers being always punctual and careful on the road.





Thanks guys! You drove us great to our hotel in Courchevel and got us back great!! Thanks to Alex, he is a super driver!



 * You can send your feedback to our mail info@bycar.su


10. FAQ about Courchevel


How to get from Geneva airport to Courchevel?

Car: The most convenient way is to take a rented car or taxi. Approximately 3-4 hours drive.

Train: Take the train from Geneva train station (Gare Cornavin) to Moutiers station. From there you can take a taxi or bus to Courchevel. It will take about 3-4 hours.

Bus: Some companies provide bus transfers from Geneva to Courchevel. Travel time may vary, but it usually takes about 4-5 hours.

Private helicopter: If you have the opportunity, you can take a helicopter transfer from Geneva to Courchevel, which takes only a 40 minutes.



How far is Courchevel from Geneva airport?

 Courchevel is about 180-200 kilometers (about 112-124 miles) east of Geneva Airport in Switzerland, depending on the specific Courchevel location you are heading to. Traveling from Geneva airport to Courchevel can take around 2,5-3,5 hours by car, depending on road conditions and the chosen route. Other modes of transport are also available, such as train, bus, and helicopter, but travel times may vary depending on your mode of travel and schedule.