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Transfer from Lyon airport to Val Thorens

Transfer from Lyon Airport to Val Thorens by Volkswagen Jetta
. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 320 € book


Volkswagen Jetta
Mazda 3
4 pax
Transfer from Lyon Airport to Val Thorens by Fiat Scudo
. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 350 € book

Economy van

Fiat Scudo

(Mon. - Fri.)
7 pax

Transfer from Lyon Airport to Val Thorens by Volkswagen Passat
. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 380 € book


Volkswagen Passat
Skoda Superb
4 pax
Transfer from Lyon Airport to Val Thorens by Volkswagen Multivan
. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 430 € book

Comfort van

Volkswagen Multivan
Renault Trafic
8 pax

Transfer from Lyon Airport to Val Thorens by Mazda CX-5. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 370 € book


Mazda CX-5
4 pax
Transfer from Lyon Airport to Val Thorens by BMW X5
. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 460 € book

4x4 Business

Audi Q7
4 pax

Transfer from Lyon Airport to Val Thorens by Mercedes E-class
. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 460 € book


Mercedes E-class
4 pax
Transfer from Lyon Airport to Val Thorens by Mercedes Vito. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 440 € book

Business van

Mercedes Vito
8 pax

Transfer from Lyon Airport to Val Thorens by Mercedes S-class
. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 750 € book


Mercedes S-class

4 pax
Transfer from Lyon Airport to Val Thorens by Mercedes V-class
. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 460 € book

Premium van

Mercedes V-class

(Mon. - Fri.)
7 pax


The road from Lyon airport to Val Thorens



Tourists who vacation on the ski resorts of the French Alps, often arrive at the airport of Lyon (Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport). You can use three main routes, for getting from LYS to Val Thorens by car.


1) Road through Chambery:

The most popular route is the road through Chambery along the high-speed toll highway. You will drive along it for about 2 hours 30 minutes at normal times without traffic jams. This road is 198 km long.

Leaving Lyon airport, you drive to the A43 motorway (this is a toll road), turn onto it and then move to the South-East. Drive about 77 km and, near the town of La Motte-Servolex, turn right onto the N201 road. After driving along it for 18 km, you need to go right towards Albertville, which you will pass after about 55 km. Then continue along the N90 road.


The road from Lyon airport to Val Thorens (A43 through Chambery)


After 25 km you will find yourself near the town of Moutiers. You don’t need to drive into it; on the contrary, you have to take the D117 road - it’s a real serpentine road. You will drive about 36 km past Villarly, Les Belleville and Les Menuires to your hotel in Val Thorens. This section of the road is the most difficult, you can overcome it in 50 minutes, or in 2 hours. Sometimes it is closed altogether due to severe accidents or avalanches. An experienced driver should drive along such a serpentine road, with extreme caution, and of course, you should not forget the special chains for your wheels.



2) Road A48 via Grenoble:

Arriving from Lyon Airport to Val Thorens, drivers also use the A48 through the city of Grenoble. But they do this extremely rarely, since this is for the most part the same road as described above, but its length is 241 km (which is 43 km longer).

Why do people even use it? The fact is that the route through Chambéry is very popular, besides, the route from Geneva airport to the ski resorts passes through this city. All this leads to the fact that on the road in front of Chambéry there are very serious traffic jams for many kilometers, especially on holidays or on weekends. Therefore, sometimes it is more convenient and faster to drive through Grenoble and spend not 4.5 but 3 hours.

In order to use this option, after leaving Lyon airport, you must take the A43 for about 35 km and turn right onto the A48 motorway. After 60 km you continue past the city of Grenoble and turn onto the N87 and A41. Having covered another 11 km, you will exit the A41 onto the A43 motorway and continue on repeating the first route described in the previous section: past Albertville and Moutiers and further along the same serpentine.



3) On free roads:

The third option is to travel from Lyon airport to Val Thorens using free roads. It is used by a very small number of drivers, due to the fact that it takes 4-5 hours to overcome this route, with a distance of 210 km. The road passes through many towns and villages and is narrow and often single lane.

You can use this route, perhaps, to save money (it is absolutely free) or if the toll autobahns are blocked due to major accidents (which happens from time to time).

After leaving Lyon airport you must take the A432 road. Continue on the D24 and drive 15 km to Crémieu. Then drive 60 km along D522, D33, D10, D1504 past Morestel and Peyrieu to Lake Bourget. Rounding the lake on the left, the road goes south, past the town of Chambery.

Next you follow the N201 for about 8 km and take the D1006 and D925. Following them, after 42 km you will arrive on the N90 road. Well, then the route will take you all along the same path for another 63 km, past Albertville, Moutiers and further into the mountains along a serpentine.


Undoubtedly, each driver chooses for himself which route to take, based on existing traffic jams, weather conditions, accidents or personal preferences.


1. How does the transfer from Lyon to Val Thorens work?


You order a transfer Lyon Airport to Val Thorens on our website You order a transfer on our website
We send you a confirmation and contact details We send you a confirmation and contact details
Our driver meets you at the airport arrival with a sign displaying your name Our driver meets you at the airport arrival with a sign displaying your name
The driver takes you to your hotel or apartment in Val Thorens The driver takes you to your hotel or apartment in Val Thorens
You make the balance payment to the driver

You make the balance payment to the driver


2. Transfer from Lyon airport to Val Thorens


The ski resort of Val Thorens is one of the most attractive places in the French Alps. Due to the fact that it is located at an altitude of 2300 m, snow covers its high slopes quite early (at the very beginning of December), and it melts in early April. This ensures a large flow of tourists throughout the winter season.


Book a transfer from Lyon Airport to Val Thorens.



1) The advantages of private transfers to Val Thorens:


Many clients travel to Val Thorens from Lyon airport. Transfer is the most convenient way to get there. Let's compare it with other means of transportation:


Transfer and bus:

Some people choose the bus to save on travel to Val Thorens. Of course, the price is lower: for buses you will pay about 70 euro per passenger. But he will take you to Moutiers, and from there you will need to order a taxi, which costs about 130-150 euro. If there are several people traveling with you, then ordering a transfer is cheaper.

The main disadvantage is the inconvenience of travel: you need to change the bus to Grenoble and Moutiers. Each time you will carry your suitcases and skis.

You also need to remember that you will spend a lot of time on such a trip, since the buses travel slower and you also need to wait for the buses before boarding or after changing them. So you will spend about 3 hours on the transfer, and about 5 or 6 hours on the bus.


Transfer and train:

France has modern and comfortable trains. If you are traveling alone and without a lot of luggage, then it makes sense to use it to get from Lyon airport to Val Thorens. But if you are traveling alone or in a large group, then it is better to choose a private transfer.


Train from Lyon Airport to Val Thorens.


The price of a train trip is about 120 euros, plus a taxi from Moutiers is at least 130 euros (since the train does not go to Val Thorens, the extreme point is the city of Moutiers), that is, 250 euros per person. Therefore, if there are two of you traveling, you will pay 120*2+130=370 euros. This is already more expensive than a transfer, which costs from 320 euros. If there are more than two people traveling with you, then it is quite expensive.

Travel time by train leaves much to be desired. First of all, you must take a train from Lyon airport to the city of Lyon itself and from there take another train, but not to Val Thorens, of course (the train does not go there). You will only get to Moutiers, and then you will look for a taxi and take it to Val Thorens. As a result, you will spend 5-6 hours on the trip.

The ease of movement with bags, backpacks, skis, snowboards, transferring from train to train and by taxi is a huge doubt.


Transfer and taxi:

Getting to Val Thorens from Lyon Airport by taxi is very convenient. But do not forget that its price is about 50% higher than the transfer. And choosing the best car for your luggage and group of passengers is not always possible (especially on weekends and holidays).


Transfer and helicopter:

The helicopter ride from Lyon Airport to Courchevel Airport takes approximately 40 minutes. This is a definite plus, but perhaps it is the only one and not so clear-cut.

The main inconvenience is that you are not guaranteed a flight. In the mountains, the weather can turn bad at any time and your helicopter will be cancelled. You will have to urgently look for a car, and they can all be busy, especially in high season.

The second disadvantage is the high price from 3600 to 4200 euros, depending on the type of helicopter. And you will most likely need to pay an additional 300-400 euros for transporting your luggage from Lyon airport to Val Thorens, because many things do not fit in the helicopter.


Transfer and car rental:

It is convenient to rent a car at Lyon airport and get to Val Thorens. Moreover, you can travel by car in the vicinity of the ski resort. The price is about 80 euro per day, which is also quite acceptable if you are staying for a week.

There are also disadvantages to this option. If you are traveling in a group of 5-8 passengers or 2-4 passengers but with a lot of suitcases and skis, then it will be almost impossible for you to find a van for your trips, or it will cost much more than transfers. If you don't want to drive around Val Thorens or to other cities during your holiday, or have trouble finding parking near your hotel, then it's best to book two round-trip transfers.

The most important point is, of course, safety. Part of the route from Moutiers to Val Thorens, about 38 km long, runs along a serious serpentine road. In winter, this stage of the trip can be a serious test for the driver. There is a lot of ice and snow on this section of the road. There are often accidents, traffic jams and even avalanches that cause the road to be closed. The driver must be able to put chains on the wheels, be able to take slippery and sharp turns, and not go into a skid. In general, this is definitely a very nervous and dangerous part of the holiday if you are not a sufficiently experienced driver.



2) Meeting passengers at the Lyon airport:


Our clients do not worry about how to find a car at Lyon airport if they order a transfer from us. Because our driver meets them with a sign inside the airport.


Driver meets you at the Lyon airpor with a sign


Many passengers arrive on holidays and weekends, so there is usually a whole crowd in the arrival hall, greeting people with a large number of signs. But don’t worry, we send you your driver’s contacts (his name, phone number and whatsapp) in advance. Therefore, if you do not find a sign with your name, you can write or call the driver. It's quite easy to connect to Wi-Fi at Lyon Airport, but if you don't know your phone's functions well, it's better to enable mobile roaming.

We include a 1 hour wait after the flight lands in the transfer price. For additional waiting (if you want to eat in a restaurant or resolve issues with luggage), you will need to pay an additional 40 euros per hour (depending on the brand of car). Or you can tell us in advance what time the driver should pick you up.

We receive your flight number during the transfer booking process. With its help, the driver tracks changes in the arrival time of your plane. If he arrives earlier or later, the pickup time is adjusted. However, if your flight is delayed by several hours, we will offer you a new car (if we have one in stock).




3) How long does it take to travel from Lyon airport to Val Thorens?


The length of the road from Lyon airport to Val Thorens is about 198 km (the main route is along the A43 via Chambery), but the time it takes to overcome it by car can vary completely. If there are no traffic jams on the road, the weather is good without a lot of snow in the mountains, then you will get there in 2.5 hours. However, this is extremely rare in the winter season. Therefore, we will consider possible options for the development of events.


Travel time from Lyon airport to Val Thorens


If your trip is planned during weekdays, from 07:00 to 09:30 am, you are sure to encounter traffic jams in the areas around Moutiers, Albertville and Chambery. Travel duration is from 3 to 3.5 hours. This happens because people go to work. Approximately the same situation is possible from 17:00 to 19:00.

On Saturday or Sunday, the duration of the trip sometimes increases to 3.5 - 4 hours. This is due to the fact that the main flow of tourists comes and leaves ski resorts on weekends..

Very serious traffic jams occur during school holidays in France. You can drive from Lyon to Val Thorens in 4-5 hours. The French, who love winter sports, but could not leave their cities for a long time because their children had to go to school, gather the whole family and go to the mountains. Periods such as December 23 - January 8 (Christmas holidays) and February 17 - March 04 (winter holidays)..

It is especially worth paying attention to the last Saturday in December and the first Saturday in January. On these dates, traffic jams reach simply absurd levels. Skiers and snowboarders from all over the world are eager to get to the Alps and celebrate the New Year in the snow-capped mountains. The journey from the airport to the hotel may take 6-12 hours. We do not recommend traveling on these dates! It is better to spend the night in a hotel near the airport and go to the mountains the next day. Or if you decide to go these days, order a car for 06:00 in the morning or go after 21:00. Instead of sitting in a car for 10 hours, it is better to spend time in a restaurant or take a walk around Lyon.

It must be remembered that Val Thorens is located high in the mountains, so the serpentine road that leads to it may be covered with snow. In bad weather, snow cover on roads can reach extreme levels. On such days, cars drive along the serpentine road very carefully and very slowly, which increases the travel time to 4 - 5 hours. But heavy snowfalls can also create much more serious problems, namely, there may be congestion on the roads and the travel time will increase to 6 hours. Or an avalanche may occur and traffic will be stopped for several hours or even a day.

If you have a return flight from Lyon early in the morning, and a lot of snow is falling, we recommend leaving in advance or leaving in the evening the day before your flight. This is due to the fact that the roads may not have time to be cleared at night and you will not be able to go down from the mountains until the cleaning equipment arrives in the morning.



4) Carrying luggage during transfer:


When you book a car for transfer to Val Thorens or another ski resort, you must tell us in great detail and accurately about your luggage. This is necessary so that we can choose the right car for you that will accommodate all the passengers and all their belongings.

Let's take a closer look at the types and dimensions of luggage that people bring with them during winter holidays.


Luggage size:

Suitcases size


Types of suitcases are divided by size: S (53 x 36 x 24 cm); M (63 x 41 x 27 cm); L (70 x 47 x 30 cm); XL (80 x 54 x 33 cm);

A sedan-type passenger car can accommodate 2L and 1S, or 1XL and 2S suitcases.

A SW car or crossover includes 3 L and 2-3S, or 2XL and 4S suitcases.

But if you have a lot of luggage, it is better to take a van. Depending on the size of the trunk (standard, long or extra long), 5-8 XL will fit in this car; or 8-10 L suitcases.




Covers for alpine skis and snowboards::

Ski and snowboard covers


Covers can be soft (usually not much larger in size than the skis or snowboards themselves) or hard (form a rigid shape, large in size - you can also put boots and a helmet; sometimes they have wheels).

Skis in a soft case can be placed in a passenger car in the hole between the rear seats. But hard cases, especially long ones with wheels can only fit into a van, in which it will take up quite a lot of space.

Therefore, it is important to indicate exactly what covers you have, otherwise there is a risk that they will not fit in the car and you will have to order and pay for an additional car.




Other luggage:

Other luggage


Tourists take with them not only suitcases and ski cases. Also in winter they bring bags with ski boots and helmets; backpacks and bags with things and food; carriers for dogs and cats; baby strollers and cradles. All this takes up a lot of space in the trunk of a car, but passengers often do not report these things because they do not take up much space. This leads to the fact that there is not enough space in the luggage compartment of the car and some things are placed between people in the car interior.

And as a result, it makes the trip extremely inconvenient, so it is better to describe in detail the things you are transporting or let us know if anything has been added, so that the optimal car for your trip can be selected.






5) Selecting the ideal vehicle for your transfer from Lyon Airport:


Ensuring a comfortable and seamless journey from Lyon Airport to your chosen ski resort is contingent upon making a judicious choice regarding your mode of transportation. Typically, this pivotal decision hinges upon two fundamental variables: passenger capacity and vehicle classification.


Choosing a car for transfer from Lyon to Val Thorens


Vehicle Passenger Capacity:

Compact Automobiles: These compact sedans and versatile crossovers, encompassing renowned models like the Audi A4, Volkswagen Passat, BMW X3, and the esteemed Mercedes E and S class, prove to be the epitome of practicality for smaller groups traveling light. These vehicles can effortlessly accommodate 2-3 passengers, along with 2-3 medium to large-sized suitcases, assorted hand luggage, and securely nestled skis encased in supple covers.

Vans or minibuses: Alternatives in the form of the Renault Trafic, Volkswagen Multivan, Mercedes V class, or equivalent counterparts shine when the size of your group expands to encompass 4-8 passengers, accompanied by an inventory of 6-9 luggage pieces that may vary in size, spanning from medium to large or extra-large. These versatile vehicles generously cater to both hand luggage and the storage of skis, whether in soft or rigid cases.

Buses of the likes of the Mercedes Sprinter exhibit a remarkable capacity to transport anywhere between 12 and 20 passengers, seamlessly accommodating an array of 14-18 suitcases, each varying in dimensions, alongside an ensemble of 12-16 pairs of skis or snowboards, subject to the type of carriers in use. In situations where the volume of luggage or oversized items exceeds conventional bounds, rest assured, our services can readily facilitate supplementary storage solutions, such as trailers, to ensure the utmost convenience.


It is pivotal to underscore that each unique combination of passenger headcount and luggage inventory undergoes a meticulous evaluation, culminating in the selection of the most fitting vehicle tailored precisely to the requirements of each distinctive transfer.



Vehicle Class:

Travelers, driven by their proclivity for comfort, often gravitate toward specific vehicle classifications that align with their preferences.


Economy class: As a pragmatic and budget-conscious choice, this classification is characterized by vehicles offering limited interior space and a relatively straightforward cabin experience. Notable representatives include the Volkswagen Jetta and Ford Focus, while vans such as the Fiat Scudo or Citroen Jumpy cater to the needs of larger groups.

Comfort class: Although positioned at a slightly higher price point, this category guarantees a more indulgent journey through its expansive interior and upgraded materials. Vehicles such as the Volkswagen Passat and Toyota Camry exemplify passenger car options, while the Renault Trafic and Volkswagen Multivan are stalwarts in the realm of vans, epitomizing comfort class travel.

Business class: Occupying an elevated echelon in terms of pricing, this classification provides an unrivaled sense of luxury, with copious interior space and a premium selection of contemporary materials. Distinguished vehicles like the Mercedes E class and Mercedes Vito are emblematic of the business class experience.

Premium class: At the zenith of opulence, the premium class is represented by the likes of the Mercedes S class sedan and the illustrious Mercedes V class van. These exceptional vehicles boast plush seating and amenities tailored to surpass the expectations of even the most discerning travelers.




3. How to book a transfer Lyon to Val Thorens


Write to info@bycar.su Write to info@bycar.su
Fill out the order form on the transfer page Fill out the order form on the transfer page
Send a message to WhatsApp or Viber Send a message to WhatsApp or Viber

4. Payment for the transfer to Val Thorens


You can pay your transfer in several ways. Do not forget that few services are included in the cost of the trip.


How to pay for the transfer to Val ThorensHow to pay for the transfer:


  • You can pay the whole amount in advance on our website
  • You can may a prepayment on the website and the balance payment to the driver
  • You can pay by PayPal, a bank card or cash



The transfer price includesThe transfer price includes:


  • Waiting for up to 1 hour at the airport or up to 30 minutes at the hotel
  • Road toll
  • Wi-Fi in the car
  • Drinking water in the car

5. Taxi from Lyon airport to Val Thorens


There are several ways to get to ski resorts in France. Tourists often order a taxi from Lyon airport to Val Thorens. After receiving your luggage and going outside from the airport, you will see many taxi cars. Go to the first car and say that you need to go to the hotel in Val Thorens.


Taxi from Lyon airport to Val Thorens


Taxi drivers in Lyon often only speak French well, so I recommend having your hotel name and address ready.

Also remember that sometimes hotels and chalets in the Alps have inaccurate addresses, even in Booking. For example, “Rue du Soleil, Val Thorens” without a house number. Therefore, if the taxi driver does not know your hotel, he can wander around Val Thorens for a long time trying to find it. We highly recommend making sure that he knows where to go, or having the geolocation of the hotel on the map on his phone.

The second important aspect is the size of your group and the amount of luggage. If you are 2 people, you don’t have a lot of things and skis, then you can easily find a taxi car. But if you are vacationing in a group of 4-8 people (for example, a large family or two families) or if you have 3-4 large suitcases and skis, then you need to drive a van like a Renault Trafic or Mercedes V class. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to find large taxi cars at Lyon airport, but taking two cars is too expensive.

If you are traveling with a small child, it is very difficult to find a taxi with a child seat, especially on weekends.

The price of a taxi is formed from several values and it is impossible to know its final value in advance. The cost is higher on weekends and in the evenings than during the day on weekdays. You have to pay extra for each suitcase, for a snowboard and skis in a taxi. Also, the price increases due to waiting in traffic jams.


Taxi prices at the Lyon airport:

1 km = 2.40 euro during the day (from 07:00 to 19:00)

1 km = 3.29 euro in the evening (from 19:00 to 07:00), as well as on weekends and holidays.


Additional fee:

+4.50 euro for each suitcase, skis, snowboard and passenger if more than 3 people

+4.18 euro machine delivery

+38.96 euro per hour for additional waiting

These are prices for a passenger car. The cost of vans and minibuses is higher.



Example of taxi price calculations to Val Thorens:

Of course, the price of a taxi is much higher than the price of a transfer, especially for trips in the evening and on weekends. We can calculate two standard options for a taxi ride from Lyon airport to the Val Thorens hotel.


Option 1:

You are traveling alone with 2 suitcases and no skis. Arrive at Lyon airport on Tuesday afternoon. You get there in 2.5 hours without traffic jams.

The distance from Lyon airport to the Val Thorens hotel is approximately 199 km.

Taxi price = 199 km * 2.40€ + 2 suitcases * 4.50€ + 4.18€ taxi delivery = 491.1€



Option 2:

Your group consists of 3 passengers, you are carrying 2 suitcases, 3 bags and 3 skis. Flight arrival time at Lyon Airport on Saturday evening. You get there in 3.5 hours, given the traffic jams.

The distance from Lyon airport to the Val Thorens hotel is approximately 199 km.

Taxi price = 199 km * 3.29 € + 2 suitcases * 4.50 € + 3 bags * 4.50 € + 3 skis * 4.50 € + 4.18 € taxi delivery + 38.96 € waiting = 733,85€



6. Advantages of our transfer service


Experienced English-speaking drivers Experienced English-speaking drivers
Meeting you with a sign displaying your name Meeting you with a sign displaying your name
Fixed price Fixed price
No extra charge if your flight is delayed No extra charge if your flight is delayed
Road toll included Road toll included
Free child seats Free child seats
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
9 years of experience 9 years of experience
We work in 8 countries in Europe We work in 8 countries in Europe

7. The nearest airports to Val Thorens


If you are planning a winter holiday in Val Thorens, then the choice of routes to the resort is quite large. Travelers arrive via the airports of Geneva, Chambéry, Lyon, Grenoble and Turin.


The nearest airports to Val Thorens (Lyon)


Distance to Val Thorens:

from the airport of Geneva (Geneva International Airport - GVA) - 155 km;

from Lyon airport (Lyon-Saint-Exupéry - Lyon-Saint Exupéry - LYS) - 199 km;

from Chambery-Savoie Airport (CMF) - 122 km;

from Grenoble Airport (St Geoirs - GNB) - 194 km;

from Turin Airport (Torino Caselle - TRN) - 264 km


Geneva airport is larger and there are more flights. Nevertheless, Lyon is also quite a convenient and popular airport among tourists.


8. Information about Val Thorens


The French ski resort Val Thorens is loved for its wide variety of interesting slopes and long season. Here it lasts from mid-November to the end of April. The resort is part of the Three Valleys complex and is one of the highest in Europe.


Information about Val Thorens. Transfer and taxi from Lyon airport to Courshevel with english speaking drivers.


Several ski areas are available for tourists: the Val Thorens-Aurelle area with a length of 140 km, the Belleville Valley with a total length of 300 km of slopes and the Three Valleys complex with 600 km of slopes. A one-day ski pass in the Val Thorens-Aurelle area costs 60 euro per adult and 50 euro per child. Ski pass for one day in the Three Valleys complex - 70 and 50 euro, respectively. There are discounts for seniors, families and groups at the resort. Children under 5 ride for free.

The slopes of Val Thorens are quite diverse. Both beginners and experienced athletes will be able to relax and ride in comfort. Mostly green and blue slopes are located at the foot of the resort in the Moraine area, Plain Sud, Plan du Bouquet. For tourists with an average level of skills, trails in the areas of Col, Meribel, Combes du Caron are suitable. Red and black slopes for professional skiers are located in the areas of Sims de Caron, Lac du Loup, La Masse, Menuires, Pointe de Thorens. The resort also has freeride areas and a fun park for snowboarders. Val Thorens does not have an abundance of fashionable boutiques, luxury hotels and restaurants. Nevertheless, in terms of apres-ski holidays, the resort offers a lot of interesting options. There are stunning cafes and restaurants serving both traditional Savoyard cuisine and culinary masterpieces from the cuisines of Europe, Asia and Latin America.

There is a large sports center on the territory of the town where tourists can go in for fitness, yoga, work out in the gym or play their favorite sports: football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc. You can have fun in the water park with several pools, saunas and SPA. Val Thorens is one of the resorts that are great for families. For children, there is an entertainment program, mini-clubs, kindergartens and ski schools are open.


9. Reviews of our clients




I have been using bycar services for the second year already, I am satisfied with everything! First I took a transfer from Geneva, then from Lyon. The driver always arrived on time and drove to the hotel without any problems. Score 5*





Good transfer service. We ordered baths for 7 passengers, it’s very profitable. Much more convenient than taking the bus. Especially if you need to carry skis as well.





I liked everything, but I especially want to note the punctuality and courtesy of the driver. It was very comfortable on the way)) The driver spoke good English. Thank you for taking care of your passengers!




 * You can send your feedback to our mail info@bycar.su


10. FAQ about Val Thorens


How to get from Lyon Airport to Val Thorens?

Private Transfer: This is the most convenient option. You can book a private transfer in advance with a company that specializes in airport transfers to ski resorts. They will pick you up at the airport and take you directly to Val Thorens.

Rental Car: You can rent a car at Lyon Airport and drive to Val Thorens. The journey takes approximately 2.5 to 3.5 hours, depending on road and weather conditions.

Train: You can take a train from Lyon to Moutiers, which is the closest major train station to Val Thorens. From Moutiers, you will need to take a bus or taxi to Val Thorens. The train journey takes around 2 to 3 hours, and there are multiple daily departures from Lyon Part-Dieu station to Moutiers.

Bus: Several bus companies operate shuttle services between Lyon Airport and Val Thorens during the winter ski season. These buses are usually more affordable than private transfers and can be convenient.



How far is Val Thorens from Lyon Airport?

 Val Thorens is approximately 200 to 230 kilometers (124 to 143 miles) from Lyon Airport (Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport) depending on the specific route you take. The distance may vary slightly depending on the exact starting and ending points within Lyon and Val Thorens. Travel times can range from 2.5 to 3.5 hours by car, depending on road conditions and traffic. Keep in mind that mountainous terrain and weather conditions can affect travel times, especially during the winter season when driving to a ski resort like Val Thorens