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OFFER for customers


ByCAR is an agent for carriers providing passenger services worldwide.

References to “you” and “your” in this offer apply to the customer and the passenger (passengers). ByCAR service is hereinafter referred to as “service” or “we”.

We receive from you the information required to arrange transfer, and pass it on to the carrier for verification and clarification. After receiving consent from the carrier to perform such transfer, we inform you of the confirmation of the order, after which your request becomes an order.

Booking a transfer using our service, you fully agree to the terms of this offer and guarantee that all passengers under the age of 18 travel with their legal representatives and that the life and health of all passengers is insured for the entire period of the trip.

We also strongly recommend that you obtain life and health insurance for yourself and all passengers traveling with you before starting your trip.




1. Reservation

1.1. By sending us the data required to reserve a transfer on our website, you accept full responsibility for their correctness and reliability. You bear the risk that you will not receive services under this offer (and/or receive inappropriate services) in case the information provided upon booking is incomplete and/or inaccurate.

1.2. We accept bookings made at least 24 hours before the meeting time. The indicated time of 24 hours includes the time that may be needed to clarify any data.

1.3. The decision to accept the booking made at a later date is made on a case-by-case basis, depending on the conditions of the transfer and the ability of the carrier to provide the transfer service.




2. Meeting point and conditions

2.1. In accordance with the conditions of your reservation, the driver will wait for the passengers at the designated meeting place at the agreed meeting time (local time), will lead them to the vehicle, help with the luggage and take the passengers to the designated destination.

2.2. You are solely responsible for indicating the time and place of the meeting, including in the case when you need to arrive at the destination place at an exact time, and are responsible for possible delay and losses associated with being late.

2.3. The free waiting time at the meeting point, after which the driver has the right to leave the meeting place and refuse the transfer, is 30 minutes. If the meeting point is an airport or port, the free waiting time is 60 minutes.

2.4. When making a reservation, you need to indicate the flight number, train and carriage number, bus number, ship name and arrival terminal number, ferry name, departure point and arrival terminal (if the departure / destination is the airport, railway station, bus station, port or pier respectively).

2.5. In the event of a delay or rescheduling of your flight (or another change in the time of your arrival at the meeting point), the driver will expect you for a reasonable period of time. The reasonableness of the duration of such an additional expectation is determined by the driver on a case-by-case basis.

2.6. If the transfer did not take place due to your absence at the meeting place at the scheduled time, we are entitled to demand that you pay a fine of 30% of the cost of the booked transfer.




3. Vehicle capacity

3.1. When booking a transfer, you need to indicate the number of passengers, including children who need a child seat, as well as the number and size of your luggage.

3.2. The sum of three dimensions of standard luggage shall not exceed 158 cm.

3.3. Larger luggage, as well as sports equipment (skis, snowboards, golf bags, surfboards, bicycles, etc.), prams, wheelchairs, musical instruments, animal carriers, etc. are non-standard luggage and are subject to additional agreement, which in some cases will entail an increase in the cost of the service.




4. Order amendment or cancellation

4.1. You can change or cancel the reservation at least 24 hours before the meeting time.

4.2. In case you cancel the order, we do not refund the prepayment made by you.

4.3. Changes in your reservation may result in a change in the cost of the transfer, as well as affect the ability of the carrier to provide the transfer service. We will immediately notify you of the possibility of providing the transfer service under changed conditions.

4.4. We are not liable for cases when the carrier for any reason of an unexpected nature refused to execute the transfer.




5. Contacts

5.1. When making a request, you must specify:

We respect the confidentiality of personal data transmitted to us and guarantee their use in accordance with the terms of our Privacy Policy.

5.2. We send all important information related to your transfer to the phone number and / or email address that you specified and / or through instant messengers. The risks associated with non-receipt or untimely receipt or viewing of messages, as well as the risks associated with unauthorized access to your email and / or phone, lie entirely with you.

5.3. You are also responsible for ensuring that your mobile phone number is available to receive an incoming call at the beginning of the transfer, during the waiting time and until the meeting with the carrier.

5.4. In case of violation of the requirements of clause 5.3. of this offer, the carrier has the right to leave the meeting place and refuse to perform the transfer. In which case, you are liable under paragraph 2.6. of this offer.




6. Force majeure circumstances (force majeure)

6.1. The parties are exempted from liability for failure to perform or improper performance of their obligations if proper performance was not possible due to force majeure, i.e. extraordinary, unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances that could not reasonably be expected at the conclusion of the contract or avoided or overcome, as well as beyond the control of the parties. Such circumstances, in particular, include: natural disasters (earthquake, flood, hurricane), fire, mass diseases (epidemics), strikes, military operations, terrorist acts, sabotage, traffic restrictions, prohibitive measures of states, the prohibition of trade operations, including with individual countries due to the adoption of international sanctions and other circumstances beyond the control of the parties.

6.2. The parties are obliged to inform each other in due time about the occurrence of force majeure circumstances, as well as to confirm the occurrence of force majeure with the relevant document of the competent authority, obtained in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the country in whose territory the force majeure circumstances occur. Otherwise, the party is deprived of the right to invoke force majeure circumstances as a basis for exemption from liability for violation of its obligations under this offer.




7. Claims

7.1. Claims regarding the improper provision of services for searching and booking a transfer can be sent to info@bycar.su within fourteen calendar days after the trip.

7.2. Claims regarding the improper provision of transportation services, including, but not limited to, claims for compensation for harm caused to the life, health, property of a passenger can be sent to the carrier within fourteen calendar days after the trip.

7.3. All responsibility for the availability of the necessary documents and permits for the provision of transfer services required in accordance with the legislation of the country in whose territory the service is provided lies entirely with the carrier.

7.4. If the carrier, for an unknown reason, did not arrive at the meeting place at the scheduled time, you need to make a phone call to the carrier and to ByCAR support. We will try to resolve the issue on the spot.

7.5. In order to substantiate a claim for a carrier’s failure to appear, which may be presented within fourteen calendar days from the day the transfer started, you need to confirm the following facts:


7.6. In the event of a carrier’s failure to appear, we will fully refund the amount paid to us for the transfer. 

7.7. No losses exceeding the cost of the transfer are refundable.










We value your trust and respect the privacy of your personal data. 

In this document, we will explain in simple words what information and for what purposes we collect, disclose to third parties, as well as how you can change, delete and transmit it.

We may change the terms of the privacy policy. You can always find the current edition on our website. If the changes affect the processing of your personal data directly, we will notify you of this. 



What information do we collect?

ByCAR offers online services in finding and booking a transfer. 

When booking a transfer, we ask you to indicate the following personal data: last name, first name, contact phone numbers, email address, departure / destination address, number of passengers.

We also automatically collect information about your interaction with our service, in particular information about the pages or content you viewed, requests made, bookings and other actions on the website, as well as the IP address, access time, information about software and hardware, device information, device event information, unique identifiers, crash information, cookie data, and information about pages that you viewed before using ByCAR.



Personal data of other people that you provide to us

It is possible that you are making a transfer reservation for somebody else. Then you most likely provide us with the personal data of another person and make a reservation on their behalf.

At the same time, you are fully responsible for the fact that the person or persons whose personal data you provided are aware of this, understand and agree that we use their data in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy.



Personal data of children

ByCAR service can only be used by people over 18 years of age. We process information about persons under the age of 18 only when such information is provided by their parents or legal representatives or with the consent of those.



For what purposes do we use the information received?

The above data are necessary for us to make, process, distribute and monitor the execution of the reservation, as well as advise and support you in relation to your order. We also use them to improve the service based on statistics on website visits, sales and feedback on the service and transfers provided, as well as to improve the offer, marketing and targeted advertising.



Transfer of data to third parties

There are third parties associated with our service. The main goal is to provide the carrier with your trip data to complete the reservation. Other parties that we engage to provide you with services may also receive your data, including financial institutions, advertising companies, and in some cases, state or other competent authorities.

We use third-party services to process your personal data on our behalf. This processing pursues several goals, including sending marketing materials or authenticating the email address you provided during the booking process. Third-party service providers are bound by confidentiality obligations and are entitled to use your personal data only for the purposes we have determined.

We transfer personal data to law enforcement agencies to the extent that is required by law or is required to prevent, detect and suppress criminal acts and fraud, or if we are otherwise legally required to transfer them. In addition, we may need to transfer personal data to the competent authorities to protect our rights or property, as well as the rights and property of our business partners.

We also have the right to carry out cross-border transfer of personal data to the territory of a foreign state in order to fulfill the obligations to arrange the transfer.



Your rights

By agreeing to the terms of this privacy policy, you freely and in your interests transfer your personal data to us and give active consent to their storage and processing. In doing so, you retain control over the process of using your personal data by us.

When exercising control, you have the right to:


To exercise any of your rights, you can send your request or demand to info@bycar.su.




We follow appropriate security procedures to prevent unauthorized access to personal data and their unlawful use.

We use appropriate corporate systems and procedures to protect the personal data provided to us. We also use security procedures and apply technical and physical restrictions for the use of personal data and access to them on our servers. Only employees with special rights have the right to access personal data in the process of fulfilling their duties.

We store your personal data for a period that we consider necessary so that you can use our services and we can provide you our services in compliance with applicable law and resolve disputes with any parties, as well as for other purposes that allow us to conduct business, including the detection and prevention of fraudulent or other illegal activities. All personal data that we store are subject to this privacy policy. If you have any questions regarding the storage period of a certain type of your personal data processed by us, you can contact us by e-mail info@bycar.su