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Transfer from Nice airport to Monaco

Transfer from Nice Airport to Monaco by Volkswagen Golf 
. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 80 € book


Volkswagen Golf
Skoda Oktavia
4 pax
Transfer from Nice Airport to Monaco by Fiat Scudo
. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 95 € book

Economy van

Fiat Scudo
Citroen Jumpy
6 pax

Transfer from Nice Airport to Monaco by Volkswagen Passat
. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 90 € book


Volkswagen Passat
Skoda Superb
4 pax
Transfer from Nice Airport to Monaco by Volkswagen Multivan
. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 100 € book

Comfort van

Volkswagen Multivan
Opel Vivaro
8 pax

Transfer from Nice Airport to Monaco by Mercedes E-class. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 130 € book


Mercedes E-class
4 pax
Transfer from Nice Airport to Monaco by Mercedes Vito/Viano. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 120 € book

Business van

Mercedes Vito/Viano
7 pax

Transfer from Nice Airport to Monaco by Mercedes S-class
. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 155 € book


Mercedes S-class
4 pax
Transfer from Nice Airport to Monaco by Mercedes V-class. Get by taxi with english-speaking driver. 130 € book

Premium van

Mercedes V-class
7 pax


1. Nice airport to Monaco by car (route and travel time)



Tourists frequently travel from Nice airport to Monaco by car, either opting to rent a vehicle or arrange for a taxi or transfer service. The primary route follows the A8 toll highway. Departing from the airport, travelers follow the course of the Var River before circling around Nice from the northern side. Subsequently, they pass through the towns of Cap Ferrat and Eze, before transitioning onto the A500 road and proceeding through Cap d'Ail en route to Monaco. This journey typically spans 30 to 60 minutes, although occasional traffic jams may prolong the trip upon exiting the highway towards Monaco. The distance between the airport and the principality is approximately 30 km..

The alternative route follows a coastal road, free of tolls, spanning approximately 27 km. However, the travel time along this route varies significantly, ranging from 50 minutes to 1.5 hours. This route entails passing through cities, villages, and winding coastal roads. While the journey offers picturesque views, it does consume a considerable amount of time due to the scenic but winding nature of the route.


Video about road from Nice to Monaco:


2. How does the transfer from airport Nice to Monaco work?


You order a transfer Airport Nice to Nice on our website You order a transfer on our website
We send you a confirmation and contact details We send you a confirmation and contact details
Our driver meets you at the airport arrival with a sign displaying your name Our driver meets you at the airport arrival with a sign 
The driver takes you to your hotel or apartment in Nice The driver takes you to your hotel or apartment in Monaco
You make the balance payment to the driver

You make the balance payment to the driver


3. Transfer from Nice airport to Monaco


Monaco lacks its own airport, hence most travelers opt to fly into Nice and arrange for a convenient transfer by car with a driver from there. This method proves to be both efficient and speedy for reaching the principality. For over a decade, we've been facilitating transfers to Monaco from Nice, Milan, and Marseille airports. Booking a trip with us is simple - you can fill out a request form on our website, reach out via phone or WhatsApp, or drop us an email. We're here to ensure your journey to Monaco is seamless and stress-free.


Transfer from airport Nice to Monaco. Book a car with english-speaking driver.


We offer a diverse range of vehicles suitable for any transfer need:

  • Small cars accommodating 2-3 passengers and 2 suitcases.
  • Standard cars for 4 passengers with room for 3-4 suitcases.
  • Minivans capable of carrying 6-8 passengers along with 4-10 suitcases.
  • Buses designed for groups of 20 passengers with storage for 20-24 suitcases.


Transfer from Airport Nice to Monaco (Monte Carlo). Economy and business class cars.


Our fleet includes cars from economy to premium class, ensuring there's an option to fit every preference and budget. Our drivers are seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge of the Cote d'Azur region and are fluent in English. To ensure a seamless experience, we'll provide you with the driver's name and contact details via WhatsApp one day prior to your trip. Upon your arrival at the airport, your driver will be waiting for you at the designated meeting point, holding a sign with your name for easy identification. You have the flexibility to settle the payment for your transfer in advance via the company's account or directly to the driver at the conclusion of your journey. Your comfort and convenience are our top priorities throughout your transfer experience.


4. About Monaco


Monaco is a petite autonomous principality nestled along the French Riviera, serving as its own capital. Officially known as the Principality of Monaco, it spans a mere 2.1 square kilometers in area. To put this size into perspective, imagine the shores of Lake Peipsi in Estonia, where the city of Kallaste boasts an area nearly equal to that of the principality, at 2.7 square kilometers. However, despite their comparable size, there's a stark contrast in population. While Kallaste is home to a modest population of 705 residents, Monaco boasts a bustling community of over 31 thousand inhabitants.



Video about Monaco:


You can find out more about Monaco on this page in section number 10.


5. How to book a transfer to Monaco


Write to info@bycar.su Write to info@bycar.su
Fill out the order form on the transfer page Fill out the order form on the transfer page
Send a message to WhatsApp or Viber Send a message to WhatsApp or Viber

6. Payment for the transfer to Monaco


How to pay for the transfer to NiceHow to pay for the transfer:


  • You can pay the whole amount in advance on our website
  • You can pay to the driver
  • You can pay by PayPal, a bank card or cash



The transfer price includesThe transfer price includes:


  • Waiting for up to 1 hour at the airport or up to 30 minutes at the hotel
  • Road toll
  • Wi-Fi in the car
  • Drinking water in the car

7. Taxi from Nice airport to Monaco (Monte Carlo)


Taking a taxi is a convenient option for traveling from Nice Airport to Monaco. There's no need to arrange it in advance; upon exiting the airport building, you'll find numerous taxis readily available, making it hassle-free to secure transportation to your destination in Monaco.


Book a taxi from Nice airport to Monaco. English-speaking drivers to Monaco


However, the taxi has its own nuances:

    • The advertised price for a taxi ride to Monaco typically starts from 95 euros, but in reality, it often amounts to around 120-130 euros for a group of 2-3 passengers. The final fare is influenced by various factors, such as additional charges for each piece of luggage, exceeding four passengers, evening or holiday surcharges, and a supplemental fee of 27.30 euros per hour for extended travel due to traffic congestion.
    • Passengers are responsible for covering toll fees for the roads, which are not included in the initial fare.
    • It can be challenging to find taxis offering business or premium class vehicles. Additionally, the availability and condition of the vehicles may sometimes be subpar.
    • Communication with taxi drivers can be inconvenient, as many of them are proficient only in French, making it difficult for non-French-speaking passengers to communicate effectively.
    • Since the beginning of 2023, French taxi drivers are permitted to transport passengers from Nice to Monaco. However, the reverse journey, from Monaco to Nice, can only be undertaken by drivers registered in Monaco, creating limitations on the availability of taxis for certain routes.


The fare for a taxi from Nice airport to Monaco for a group of four people typically ranges from 248 to 275 euros during daytime hours. However, during evening hours, from 18:00 to 08:00, the fare increases to a range of 310 to 330 euros. It's worth noting that for groups of five people or more, the cost is higher, and finding van taxis can be challenging. Additionally, clients are responsible for covering toll road fees, which typically amount to an additional 20 euros on top of the fare.


8. Advantages of our transfer service


Experienced English-speaking drivers Experienced English-speaking drivers
Meeting you with a sign displaying your name Meeting you with a sign displaying your name
Fixed price Fixed price
No extra charge if your flight is delayed No extra charge if your flight is delayed
Road toll included Road toll included
Free child seats Free child seats
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
9 years of experience 9 years of experience
We work in 8 countries in Europe We work in 8 countries in Europe

9. The nearest airports to Monaco


You can’t fly to Monaco by plane, there is no airport and most likely never will be, because the area of the principality is very small. Tourists usually arrive at the airport of Nice, Genoa, Milan or Marseille.


The nearest airports to Monaco (Nice)


Distance from airports to Monaco:

From Nice airport 30 km (30 - 50 minutes)

From Genoa Airport 346 km (3.5 - 4 hours)

From Malpensa Airport 173 km (2.5 - 3 hours)

From Marseille airport 221 km (2- 2.5 hours)





10. Information About Monaco (Monte Carlo)


The size of the principality: length from east to west - 3.18 km; width from south to north - from 1.7 to 0.3 km; the perimeter or length of the border is 9.3 km, while 3.83 km is the length of the coastline. By land, the Principality borders only with France. There are no maritime borders, but there is a 12 nautical miles (19.31 km) economic zone of influence. The highest point is the Révoir road. This is a street in the northwestern part of the city, passing at an altitude of 162 m above sea level. From Revoir Street, the rock of Monaco is clearly visible, which is a 62 m high stone peninsula protruding into the Mediterranean Sea with a princely castle on top. The rock was the first conquest of the Grimaldi dynasty.


Important information about Monaco


The whole country is one city, which consists of 4 main districts: the oldest is Monaco; the administrative and economic heart of the state - Monte Carlo; industrial - Fontvieille; port - La Condamine. There are five secondary districts. They are considered new: Larvotto is the most densely populated; La Russe; Moneghetti; Jardin Exotic; Ravin de Saint Devote.

The indigenous people of Monaco are the Monegasques. The demographic profile of the city is unusual. According to UN statistics for 2019, 68% of residents are immigrants from different countries in the first or second generation. The official language is French. Also, the inhabitants of Monaco use English, Italian and Monegasque in conversation.



1) History of Monaco:


Archaeologists find traces of prehistoric people in rock caves on the coast and some islands. In one of the stalactite dungeons, a cave-observatory complex was created. Tours are conducted here daily, starting at 10 am with an interval of 1 hour. Groups are recruited on the spot.


History of Monaco


In ancient history, Monaco was a coastal Greek settlement. The Ligurians called it Monoikos, which means "lonely house" in Greek. An ancient myth says that Hercules quarreled with the Olympian gods, decided to live as a hermit and settled in the area of the rock of Monaco. In honor of the hero, the Greeks erected a temple. Accordingly, “lonely” is a reference to the fact that this is the only temple built in honor of a demigod, and the only house on earth where he lived. Hercules was so respected that until now mentions of him are found in toponyms. The largest port of Monaco is also called the Port of Hercules.

After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the territory was ravaged by barbarians and Saracens. Following the expulsion of the Saracens, it was occupied by the Ligurians. In 1215, a detachment of Genoese Ghibellines (supporters of the emperor) began the construction of a military outpost on the rock of Monaco. It was necessary to create a settlement around the fortress to support the garrison and provide food. In order to attract the inhabitants of Genoa to settle in a new place, the Ghibellines offered land and tax incentives to newcomers. And since clashes between the Ghibellines and the Guelphs (supporters of the Pope) continued in Genoa, those who wanted to move were quickly found.


History of Monaco (Monte Carlo)


In 1297, Francisco Grimaldi, disguised as a Franciscan friar, along with his cousin Renier and his men captured the castle. The current ruling dynasty is the descendants of Renier I. Francisco was married, but died childless. He and his brother managed to hold the fortress for several years, then the struggle went on with varying success. The rock of Monaco became Grimaldi's hereditary possession after 1419, when the sons of Rainier II bought it from the then Queen Yolande of Aragon.


2) Weather in Monaco:


The climate of the French Riviera is Mediterranean. Summer is characterized by dry, sunny and warm days, while winter is mildly cool with rain.


Weather in Monaco



average annual +19 °C; July maximum - +34.4 °C; February low -5.2 °C; water temperature in summer is +26 °C. The number of sunny days is about 300. The best time to travel is from mid-June to early September.


Weather features and local "chips":

There are no very hot days in Monaco in summer due to the sea breeze, and in winter there are no severe frosts. The air temperature is described as pleasant and moderately warm. Those planning a summer trip are advised to make reservations in the winter, because in the summer there is a Formula 1 Grand Prix and a fireworks festival. July and August are dry months when not a drop of rain falls. Spring is the most cloudy period of the year when it often rains. But in the spring, many celebrities meet here. Those who plan to visit festivals of arts and comedy films come. In autumn, strong winds from the east and south bring frequent weather changes. Although precipitation is not typical, there are many clouds. In autumn, November 19, the main national holiday of Monaco is held, at which the prince and his family are present. In September, the famous Monaco Yacht Show is held. Tourists admire the luxurious yachts of billionaires sailing along the coast. The mistral blows in winter. It is a heavy and cold wind. The speed of the mistral is 15–20 m/s. Sometimes wind gusts reach 30 m/s. No snow, occasional rain possible. The main winter holiday is Christmas.


3) Restaurants in Monaco:


While in Monte Carlo, you will definitely want to enjoy all the shades of Mediterranean cuisine, regardless of the purpose of your trip, whether it is meeting friends, playing in the casino, visiting the Monaco Yacht Show or Formula We have prepared for you a list of the best restaurants in the resort.





The Louis XV establishment of Alain Ducasse, located in the best hotel in Monaco, the Hotel de Paris, is the only restaurant in the Principality to be awarded three Michelin stars. Here guests can enjoy gourmet Mediterranean cuisine prepared under the guidance of Chef Frank Cerutti.



Restaurant "ELSA"

Restaurant ELSA in Monaco

The light, bright restaurant and terrace with great views make Elsa a great place to have lunch. The kitchen of the establishment offers dishes exclusively from organic products, such as wild sea bass with lime flavor and warm panzanella salad.



Restaurant "NOBU"

Restaurant NOBU in Monaco

The first Nobu gourmet restaurant in Monaco opened in December 2013 at the Fairmont Monte Carlo. The menu, designed by chef Nobu Matsuhisa, includes dishes such as Chilean sea bass with black bean sauce and cod with balsamic teriyaki.



Restaurant "CIPRIANI"

Restaurant CIPRIANI in Monaco

Owned by renowned Italian businessman and superyacht owner Flavio Briatore, this restaurant often hosts members of the royal families of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Located in the building of the Mirabeau Hotel, the Italian restaurant is famous for its delicious pasta dishes and purple gnocchi.



Restaurant "Le Girelier"

Restaurant Le Girelier in Monaco

Perfect fish restaurant in Monaco with a wonderful view of the sea and the port. Here you can order an appetizing seafood dish and, while stretching the pleasure, admire the moored yachts. The restaurant prepares an excellent bouillabaisse, a traditional Provencal fish soup. The average bill of a restaurant is 60 - 70 euro. Address: Quai Jean Jaures.



Restaurant "JOEL ROBUCHON"

Restaurant JOEL ROBUCHON in Monaco

Owned by renowned Italian businessman and superyacht owner Flavio Briatore, this restaurant often hosts members of the royal families of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Located in the building of the Mirabeau Hotel, the Italian restaurant is famous for its delicious pasta dishes and purple gnocchi.



Restaurant "LE VISTAMAR"

Restaurant LE VISTAMAR in Monaco

Chef Joel Garo of the restaurant Le Vistamar, which has one Michelin star, will delight guests with gastronomic delights: veal with truffles, coconut puree, lobster carpaccio. And the terrace, open in summer, offers a delightful view of the port.



Restaurant "SASS CAFE"

Restaurant SASS CAFE in Monaco

The favorite place of many famous personalities is Sass Cafe. This is a restaurant with great food and a bar with a dance floor and great drinks. Café with a romantic interior in red and gold tones is a favorite among the elite. The place visited - Farrah Fawcett, Naomi Campbell, Michael Douglas, Will Smith, Penelope Cruz, Jay Z, Beyoncé and many other celebrities. During the Monaco Boat Show, you can meet shipyard owners and leading yacht designers here.





4) Attractions in Monaco:


First of all Monaco is the nightlife, entertainment and gambling. The center of the district is undoubtedly the Casino - the first gambling house in Europe with a gallery of luxurious halls: the Renaissance Salon and the European Salon, the White Hall and the American Games Hall, the Salon of Graces and many others. At the casino, Le Cabaret was opened - also one of the first gambling establishments of this kind, as well as the famous Opera House "Sale Garnier". Opposite the casino there are luxurious flower beds, lawns and a picturesque pond with reeds and lilies.



Casino Monte Carlo in Monaco

Casino Monte Carlo in Monac

Citadelle de Monaco - The fortress, which is called the citadel here, is located on a hill in the eastern part of the town. This citadel is based on a hexagonal keep and three round towers built in the 16th century. Later, a wall with bastions was added. The Museum of the Navy is open in the donjon. In the courtyard we see Spanish cannons of the 16th century, and inside the building there are models of ancient and modern ships.



Prince's Palace of Monaco

Prince's Palace of Monaco

The Prince's Palace of Monaco (Palais de Monaco) is the residence of the princes of Monaco. Initially, it was a Genoese fortress built in 1191, then it was expanded and rebuilt many times. Since the end of the 13th century, the palace has belonged to the Grimaldi family. Due to the size of the state and the eternal confrontation with stronger neighbors, the princes of Monaco were forced not to build a luxurious residence, but to have a very fortified palace, which turned the Palais de Monaco into a unique architectural monument. Although at the end of the 18th century for 20 years the palace was still occupied by the French. Also unique is the fact that this palace has remained the same royal residence for 700 years! So the entire financial and political state of the Grimaldi family was reflected in the architecture of the princely palace.



Hotel de Paris in Monaco

Hotel de Paris in Monaco

Eglise Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption de Monaco - The Monaco church was built in the early 19th century in the Italian Baroque style. Here we see a gilded bust of the patron saint of the city, Tropes, whose body was found in a boat washed ashore in the place where the city is located.



Port de Monaco

Port de Monaco

Port de Monaco - The port of Monaco essentially has two parts: one natural port called port Hercule with an artificial extension and a port in the port de Fontvieille quarter, built simultaneously with the expansion of the historic port in 2008. Oddly enough, but the prices in Port de Monaco are noticeably lower than in the neighboring ports of the Cote d'Azur of France. True, often you have to wait for 2 hours to get a place in the port. 99% of the port belongs to the Prince of Monaco. Monte Carlo Opera



Opera de Monte-Carlo

Opera de Monte-Carlo

The Old Town (La Ponche) is located between the citadel and the Old Port. Ancient streets covered with cobblestones, houses of yellow and pink color - all this creates an amazing atmosphere.



Notre Dame Cathedral in Monaco

Notre Dame Cathedral in Monaco

Cathédrale Notre-Dame-Immaculée in Monaco-Ville - the interior of the cathedral features paintings by the famous artist Louis Brea. During concerts of religious music and holidays, the organ sounds. The cathedral was built in 1875 in the Romanesque style of white stone on the site of the former church of St. Nicholas of the 13th century. The cathedral houses the tomb of the princes of Monaco.



Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Very interesting museum dedicated to marine life. It was created by the Prince of Monaco in 1889. For a long time, Jean Yves Cousteau himself was its director. In the museum you will see a huge variety of fish and other sea creatures. You can have a great time if you go there with the whole family. Children will be very informative and interesting in this place.


5) Beaches in Monaco:


Monaco is not famous only for its attractions and Formula 1 racing. In this Principality, you can have a great time on the beaches. There are not many of them, but they are very beautiful and clean.



Larvotto Beach in Monaco

Larvotto Beach in Monaco

The main coast of the Principality is located right in the center of Monte Carlo. This is an artificial beach, which is perfectly clean. The sand is cleaned using special equipment several times a season. It's always very crowded here. Entrance to the territory is completely free, although there are many paid services for visitors. On the territory there are bars, restaurants, fast food cafes. Sun loungers are not provided for vacationers, so visitors themselves must take care of the improvement of their place of rest. The water here is perfectly clean. A special net is stretched throughout the territory, protecting against the appearance of jellyfish and large fish that can swim up to the shore.



Le Méridien Beach

Le Méridien Beach in Monaco

Small private beach owned by the hotel. Despite its modest size, Meridian can safely be called one of the most beautiful beach areas of Monaco. First of all, tourists are attracted by incredible landscapes, white sand and a secluded atmosphere. Hotel guests can relax on the coast for free. The rest will have to pay to visit this paradise of nature. The entrance to the water here is smooth, the bottom is sandy, so this place is ideal for families with small children. On the coast there is a wonderful Mediterranean restaurant where you can have a tasty and inexpensive lunch.



Monte-Carlo Bay beache

Monte-Carlo Bay beache in Monaco

Luxurious private beach, which is available only to guests of the Monte-Carlo Bay & Resort. Only high-ranking guests rest here. The beach area is very clean and well organized. There are sun loungers, parasols, changing rooms and toilets. The coast and the seabed are covered with fine sand. The entrance to the water is gentle, without sharp drops in depth. The recreation area also has a luxurious restaurant.


6) What to do in Monaco:


Stroll through the Old Town

Stroll through the Old Town in Monaco

The Old Town is the historical and political center of Monaco. If that's not enough for you, then here are 4 more reasons to take a walk here: Picturesque narrow streets and wonderful medieval Mediterranean architecture. Many different cafes and tourist shops. Here is the Prince's Palace (Le Palais des Princes de Monaco), which you can even look into for 10 euro and see the luxurious royal interiors. The old fortress is located on top of a cliff and offers a magnificent view of Monaco and the Cote d'Azur.


Play at Monte Carlo Casino

Play at Monte Carlo Casino

Of course, the main place of Monaco is Monte Carlo. This is where most tourists go. And the fame of this city, of course, by the casino! There are two of them on the main square: Monte Carlo casino and Café de Paris casino. There is also a luxurious Hôtel de Paris. Anyone can enter the casino. Entrance - 17 euro, for a full acquaintance they will give an audio guide. Don't forget to dress decently and leave your cameras in the cloakroom. Shorts and T-shirts are not allowed in the casino. Only adults are allowed into gambling halls, where you can just watch how others play, or play yourself at least for a voucher that will be given with a ticket. The minimum bet here is 5 euro. In "Cafe de Paris" you can not only play, but also dine. This establishment opened in 1900 and maintains the atmosphere of the "Belle Epoque" of France. In general, this is the most famous square of Monaco. Many films have been filmed here. For example, about James Bond, and even in the cartoon "Madagascar 3" these establishments were mentioned.


View Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix

View Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most famous stages of Formula 1. It has been held since 1950, but even before that, racing competitions were held here. The Monte Carlo circuit runs throughout the country. Fireballs drive on "normal" roads, on which ordinary cars and buses run on simple days. If you suddenly don’t get to Formula 1 itself (competitions take place at the end of May), then you can see the cars that participated and won on the Monte Carlo track in different years at the Monaco Automobile Museum. You can also purchase the official symbols of the tournament.


Go to car dealerships

Go to car dealerships in Monaco

In Monaco, you can master yachting, water skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving, in general, any kind of recreation that your heart desires.


Swiming in the sea

Swiming in the sea in Monaco

Monte Carlo has some of the best beaches in the world. They are quite small and artificial, as the country stands on the rocks. But staying here is a pleasure. It's not sand or rocks. This is a small pebble, which, on the one hand, does not remain in the hair, and on the other, it is extremely pleasant to lie on it. Most of the beaches are free.


7) Different ways to get to Monaco:


There are several ways to get from Côte d'Azur to the dwarf principality. They differ in the time you spend on the road, as well as in cost and comfort. There is no universal advice here: choose what suits you personally.


Getting to Monaco by Bus:

How to get to Monaco by Bus

About every half an hour, bus number 110 leaves Nice Airport, bound for Monaco. He calls at both terminals, and then follows non-stop to the dwarf state. The bus runs daily from 8:45 am to 9:00 pm. You will spend about 30 minutes on the way. Tickets can be bought both on the spot (at the bus station next to exit A0 in Terminal 1 and at the bus station next to exit A1 / A2 in Terminal 2), and in advance - on the official express bus website. By the way, in any case, I advise you to visit it shortly before your trip: possible changes in the movement and schedule of the shuttles are published there. A one-way trip will cost 22 EUR, but if you want to save money, you can immediately take round-trip tickets, then you will pay only 33 EUR. If you issue a ticket through the website, be sure to print it: the driver has every right not to accept the copy shown on the smartphone screen.



Getting to Monaco by train:

Getting to Monaco by train

Gare Nice-Saint-Augustin is the closest train station to the airport in Nice, it is only half a kilometer away. The inconspicuous pale pink building does not look like large and noisy European stations, but this is where you can catch the train to Monaco. The ticket will cost a little less than 4 EUR, the travel time will be a little more than 20 minutes. On the one hand, you will have to walk to the station, and it is not very convenient to do this with a suitcase in your hands. But on the other hand, during the trip you will have beautiful views of the Cote d'Azur, and on the way (unlike the bus) you are unlikely to get sick.



Getting to Monaco by taxi:

Getting to Monaco by taxi

Pretty fast but very expensive way to get to Monaco. You can take a taxi right at the exit from the airport, there are always at least a few cars “on duty”. Detailed rates and tariffs can be found on the official website of Côte d'Azur. I flew in at different times, and there were always at least a few cars near the exit. However, if you still want to book a taxi in advance, use specialized services that organize transfers. The trip will cost at least 100 EUR, but if there are traffic jams at the entrance to the principality or the driver chooses an unsuccessful road, you will have to pay more. A friend complained to me that at one time a taxi from Nice to Monaco cost him more than an air ticket from St. Petersburg to Nice.



Getting to Monaco by helicopter:

Getting to Monaco by helicopter

The most unusual and, of course, the fastest way! Calling a helicopter just a transport does not turn my tongue: this is a separate dizzying experience, which, unfortunately, will last only 7 minutes. During this time, you can have time to admire Monaco and the Cote d'Azur from a bird's eye view.



Rent a car:

Rent a car

You can rent a car right at Nice Airport: all the leading companies involved in this business are represented there (Advantage, Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, Entreprise, Fire Fly, Goldcar, Sixt and others). In Terminal 1, their booths are located near gates A1/A2, on the side of the information centre; in terminal 2 - between gates A2 and A3. You can get acquainted with the rates and types of cars, compare offers and choose the best one on the Côte d'Azur website or here. I personally did not notice significant differences in price between renting at the airport and renting in the city from official suppliers.

To book a car, you only need a credit card. Picking it up is a little more difficult: be sure to take everything you need with you: a voucher confirming that you have made a payment; credit/debit card with sufficient funds; valid rights (many companies require them to be at least 12 or 24 months old); passport or other identification.


8) Nightclubs and partis in Monaco:


Everything in the southern city of Monaco is all about entertainment. The whole of Monaco is a big fun! But a little more about nightclubs and bars, which are so great to go to after a day at the beach or shopping.


Nightclubs and partis in Monaco


Black Legend

(Quai Albert 1er/Route de la Piscine)

This new dance club has already won over local party-goers and out-of-town jet-setters. The emphasis is on quality music, mostly R'n'B, soul and rock, although there are occasional retro parties with cute '70s hits. You can come here in the afternoon at the beginning of the week to have a coffee or a refreshing cocktail, but on the weekend this number will not work - you have to dance until the morning! Working hours: Sunday-Tuesday 12:00-00:00, Wednesday-Saturday 00:00-05:00



(26, av Princesse Grace)

This is a place not to be missed during your trip to Monte Carlo. The most beautiful people come here to "look and be seen". If you want to fit into this crazy atmosphere, put on the trendiest stylish outfits to the club. The dance floor is filled with people almost always, the music is booming, the energy is going through the roof every night. Theme nights happen here regularly, and you just can't help but go to the coolest party "Tennis in Cuba Night." Opening hours: May-September, daily 23:30 – until dawn; October-April Wed-Sun 23:30 -03:00 (or a little later or earlier, but not as much as in summer)



(10, av Princesse-Grace, Grimaldi Forum)

According to some, this is the most prestigious club in the city. The club is adored by the young and trendy, DJs play energetic house and R&B, abstract video projections heat up dancing on the walls behind the DJs; sofas and chairs a la the times of Louis XVI; neon and silver elements add expression. The young and beautiful crowd loves the theme parties that are held in this club, such as Night Fashion or Grease Night. If you want to sit at a table, it is better to book it a week or two in advance, especially in summer, because the club is very, very popular. Working hours: summer - Mon-Fri 09:00-04:30, Sat-Sun 18:00-04:30. Winter - Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00 Thu-Fri 09:00-04:30, Sat 06:00-04:30


Le Cabaret du Casino

(Place du Casino)

One of the most famous cabarets in Europe fully highlights the best traditions of this avant-garde entertainment. Live music, professional dancers and colorful costumes are what makes this show so popular with locals and tourists alike. The show program changes every year, usually starting in September and until mid-June. You can have dinner in the restaurant at the club, before the show (well, so that later nothing distracts you from staring at the sparkling stage and dancers in high heels). Then you can order snacks and cocktails, champagne and wine (the choice, by the way, is quite impressive). Prices in the club are not particularly low, but it's worth it! Booking is a must for the club as the place is extremely popular and a jacket and tie for men and a smart dress or suit for girls are a must. In summer, the main events take place in the luxurious Star Hall. Opening hours: bar and restaurant: Wednesday-Saturday 20:30-01:00; show: Wednesday-Saturday at 22:30


Le Sea Lounge

(av Princesse-Grace, Monte Carlo Beach Hotel)

On the most prestigious private beach in Monaco is the "Marine Lounge", a very popular place. Bottles of champagne, flower petal-studded floors and tables greet you, setting the tone for a luxurious night out. Sit under the canopy and order some delicious tapas or something else before the party starts. During the summer, there are special events such as the Pink Party, which guarantee fiery dances until dawn. A unique and quite expensive bar with a wonderful view of the sea is sure to be remembered for a lifetime. Schedule: mid-May-mid-September every day 16:00-00:00 (or later).


Living Room

(7, av des Spelugues, La Terrasse de Monte Carlo)

This exclusive club has fairly tight dress and face control at the entrance, keep in mind. And all for the sake of the best parties with wild dancing, excellent service, entertainment program, as well as a variety of drinks. The interior is very tastefully decorated, with soft sofas and chairs around small round tables. Entertainment consists of performances by talented DJs and skilled pianists. Delicious cocktails and light snacks are also available for club guests. Large groups can be accommodated at large tables (advance notice and reservation required). We dress in this club stylishly and elegantly. Opening hours: every day 23:00 - until dawn




11. FAQ about Monaco


How to get from Nice airport to Monaco (Monte Carlo) ?

Transfer: Book a transfer in advance and get to Monaco from Nice in 30-40 minutes. Price from 80 euro.

Bus: Bus number 110 leaves from Nice Airport to Monaco every half hour. It passes both terminals and then goes to the Principality. The bus runs daily from 8:45 to 21:00. On the way you will spend about 1.5 hours. Tickets can be bought both on the spot at the airport or in advance - on the official express bus website.

Train: Take a train from Nice to, which takes around 1 hour. The train arrives at the underground station located in the mountain of Monaco.

Boat: Take a ferry from Nice to Monaco, which takes around 30 minutes.



How far is Monaco from Nice airport?

 Monaco is located 30 km from Nice airport if you drive along the A8 autobahn (about 30-40 minutes on the road). The second road along the sea is 26 km long, but it takes more than 1 hour to drive because it passes through towns and villages.


12. Reviews of our clients




Our family was taken to Monaco by Mercedes Vclass. I really liked the driver - a calm and pedantic man, his name is Alex. The car was like new and clean.





Thank you Bycar, everything was done as agreed. Good car for a good price. Next year we will order a transfer from you again.





My friends recommended your transfer.We got to Monaco quickly. The driver was waiting at the airport with a sign. Thank you:)



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